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My Trip to Rite Aid

By the time, I left home on Sunday for Rite Aid, it was so darn hot!

This was a super easy transaction, I did the Schwarzkopf Gliss hair care and the Thermacare heat wraps deals exactly as I posted, except that I added the Werther’s caramels which there is two $.50 Ibotta rebates.

Unfortunately, Rite Aid did some sort of register update about three weeks ago and every manufacturer coupon beeps and the manager must override the beeps.  Uggghhhh.  Thank goodness, my store just goes with it since they are aware of the problem.

Due to my coupons not scanning, when the $2 Thermacare was scanned, the $2 Load2Card came off on my receipt but there was only (1) $2 In-Ad coupon that came off on my receipt.  It’s all good because I still ended up with $8 off the Thermacare.

I had no clue that the Thermacare had increased in priced substantially to $7.99.  My second card had all of the nice target Plenti offers but it’s only at Silver status but still a Money Maker.

I received all points as expected, I spent $17.07 using Plenti points and I gained 1,700 in points, plus I earned $7 Savingstar rebates, $1 Checkout 51 rebate (Thermacare) and $1 Ibotta rebate.

Oh by the way, I did also go to CVS just for the Physicians Formula, I had a 30% off CVS coupon plus the $4 Physicians Formula SS 10/15 and the $9.99 PF mascara was a straight Money Maker after the $7 Extra Bucks!


Submit for all the Rebates

If you did the Thermacare deal at Rite Aid, on Sunday, a reader, SL, left a comment for another reader, Pat, the following:

Also I claimed $1 from checkout 51

Since SL submitted a $1 Checkout 51 rebate for the Thermacare, I did the same and I, too, got credit rebate, too!

Keep in mind that the rebate does say not to use any coupons so this is a YMMV situation (YMMV – your mileage may vary).

Thanks, SL!


Ibotta’s App Updates are No Bueno

On Saturday (10/14) morning, I submitted to redeem a rebate for the Enjoy Life products and there appeared to no problems with the app.  I scanned the receipt, scanned the item and submitted to redeem my rebate.

All day Saturday goes by and I kept checking the Ibotta app to see if the rebate had cleared.  No such luck.

On Sunday, I submitted a redeem another rebate and within a half an hour that rebate had cleared but not the Enjoy Life products rebate.

I precede to check the Ibotta app throughout the day and all day on Sunday but this time, the Ibotta app was acting wonky.  The spinning circle kept coming up.  Finally, around 6:30 pm, I decided to submit an inquiry about the rebate through the Ibotta website.

Guess what???  The Ibotta Contact Us form was acting up because the space where it said to enter the product UPC numbers, it kept asking to enter the numbers…I had already enter the number three different times.  I finally got the bright idea to enter the UPC numbers in the description box!

Ibotta app is overloaded with a bunch of fancy plug-ins and with each new update, the plug-ins must be updated as well.  For example, the traditional rebates, i.e., Walmart, CVS, etc. is one plug-in and probably, scanning the receipt is another, I suspect each store is probably an added plug-in.  I’m no programmer but I do run a blog and almost everything on this blog…is a separate plug-in.  The purpose a plug-in is when something does go wrong, the whole thing don’t go down just a portion of it.

Ibotta must get better oversight of the programmers.  How Equifax got hacked is there was not enough checks and balances and audits of their IT department and the IT department was not working with the Security department.

If Ibotta is having this many issues with their app, it means they have allot holes to fix with their app and they are surely a target for the hackers.

I will say it again, DO NOT leave your money with a rebate app, IT’S NOT A BANK.  Cash out of rebate apps as soon as you hit minimum requirement to do so.



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