I have been telling you all to add to your paper products stockpiles because I have been seeing a lot of people with carts full of stuff at the Walmart, Target and grocery stores like they are shopping for Christmas (or a pandemic).

Now, the news media are reporting Limits On Toilet Paper And Cleaning Supplies Are Back At Costco and as Costco goes so will the other retailers start placing limits.

You know that if there shortages of computer chips that is stopping cars from being assembled that it will eventually reverberate across all industries.

I highly recommend that you stock up on some toilet paper before all the shelves are cleared.

I cannot go anywhere because we have a thunderstorm and flash flood warning and the skies are black and I already hear the thunder. YIKES!!!


Coppertone Mineral Sunscreen Lawsuit Settlement

Coppertone Mineral Sunscreen Lawsuit Settlement Online Claim Form


There is a Waitlist to Join Aisle

A little over a month ago, I had written that I had completed my first Aisle & Venmo Transaction and since, Aisle, the text rebate app has blown up and now there is a WAITLIST to join Aisle.

I did the Super Coffee Money Maker on Tuesday and I got credited the $10 in my Venmo account on Wednesday.

This is a great article to read that was published on August 11, 2021, Aisle, a Game-Changing Instant Cash Back Rewards Platform, Launches in the US in Partnership With Top Consumer Brands Revolutionizing Customer Rebates.


Sprouts: FREE The Actual Veggie Burger!!!

Sprouts sells The Actual Veggie Burger for $5.99 and Aisle is offering $6 (limit 1) which makes the burger FREE!!!  The Actual Veggie Burger is located in Deli.


This is a run deal.🏃🏽‍♀️

Yesterday, I posted how the Butterfingers or Baby Ruth 10.2 oz are $1 each at Walgreens, however, today, there is a new $1 Butterfingers, CRUNCH, 100 Thousand or Baby Ruth 10 oz or larger, limit 5, Ibotta rebate offer and Walgreens is the only store listed that stacks with the Buy 2 Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth, & 100 Grand Fun Size Packs and earn 500 ($5) SwagBucks  and MyPoints.

Walgreens.com in San Diego, Walgreens only carries the Butterfinger and Baby Ruth which is on sale for 2/$7 which after rebates, you’ll be able get 2 bags of candy for FREE!!!

Outside of San Diego, your stores may carry Butterfingers, CRUNCH, 100 Thousand or Baby Ruth Fun Size 10.2 oz so be on the look out.

A reader, NJ, left the following comment:

There is a $2 wyb 3 Q in 9-19 Save….so if you buy 3 bags ($10.50), … cost .50 total
$5 SB, $3 IB , $2Q.
Possibly a MM depending on SB as the fine print states
“Limit: You can do any combination of the above options no more than twice per week (Saturday – Sunday) ” can do twice per week.
so not sure if you can get both on the same reciept ie.. $5 SB wyb 2 and the $2 SB wyb 1

Thanks, NJ!