My Identity was Stolen

1About a year ago, our personnel got hacked and anyone that had a security clearance had their most personal information stolen.  The security clearance go back at least 25 years for your background check – every address, every school, all immediate family members, everyone that you know, financial, etc.  It’s very in-depth and almost overwhelming to fill out the information.

All of my personal information was stolen.

We got two years worth of free credit monitoring services.

Last week, I got an alert that there was a change in your credit information and my credit union sent me a new debit card because my card information may have been compromised at a third party location all in the same day.

I only use my debit card at the drugstores and grocery stores.

It turns out that someone in Woodland Hills, CA ran up a $1,000 cable bill using my information and defaulted in payment and the cable company turn it over to collections.

Thankfully, I was talking to a coworker about the situation because she had already gone through something similar and she suggested that I challenge it through the credit bureaus and let them do the heavy lifting since they give them 30 days to prove that I am the person that did the bad.

However, I had to send them a copy of my ID, my Social Security Card and a copy of a utility bill.

The free credit monitoring service only alerts you that there has been a change to your credit and they can advise you as what steps to take next, nothing more.

What a hot mess!



Target 8/28: 10% off Target Purchase Coupon!!!

1Starting on Sunday (8/28), Target will have inside their sales insert a 10% off Purchase coupon!!!


Pic Source IG @qpon8026


Vons: FREE Zing Sweetener!!!

1Vons has the Zing Sweetener 40 ct as part of Buy 4 get $4 off Instantly making the Zing $1.49 each.  You will need other items in your transaction to absorb the penny overage.


Buy 1 Zing sweetener 40 ct $1.49
Use -$1.50 off Zing Stevia sweetener, RP 06/26 (exp 8/31)

Total after coupon used = $0.00

Final Price: FREE!!!


1Ralphs and Kroger affiliated stores is having their Mega Event, Buy 5 get $5 off Instantly and the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish will be $.99!!!

Plus, you could possibly get the Gold Fish for FREE with the $1 off Pepperidge Farm Goldfish digital coupon.

1If you have self-checkout registers, scan 5 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish plus a small filler item to absorb the five cents in overage THEN scan your loyalty card.


Vons 8/24: C&H Flip-Top Sugar Canister $.29!!!

1Starting on Wednesday, Vons will have their Buy 4 get $4 off Instantly promotion and the C&H Flip-Top Sugar Canister will be $1.29 each.


Buy 1 C&H Flip-Top Sugar Canister $1.29
Use -$1 off C&H product in a flip-top canister, RP 07/10

Total after coupon used = $.29!!!


1Back in Sacramento, I used to be a regular Targetholic.  Mom and me use to shop at Target all the time because it use to be right next to Mervyn’s another one of our favorite stores. #ripmervyns.

Yesterday, it was announced that Target is offering a refund in the form of a Target gift card to customers who bought the Fieldcrest’s and Crowning Touch’s Egyptian cotton sheets between August 2014 and July 2016.

-500 thread count Satin-Stitch Damask Egyptian cotton sheets
-500 thread count Geo Pattern Egyptian cotton sheets

File a Claim

As I read the article, I sat in amazement that anyone would go to Target and spend $175 on Egyptian cotton sheets.

I have Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed, I absolutely love the feel of Egyptian cotton sheets but there is no way in the way, I would spend $175 when you can get them way cheaper on Amazon.

Yes, I know about sheet thread count and obviously, the higher the thread count, the better quality of sheet you have but I just can’t at Target spend $175 for sheets. Macy’s yes, Target no.


The CVS Whitening Kit Deal is Dead


It is being reported that CVS is killing the CVS Whitening Kit deal.  Do not buy the CVS Whitening kit because more and likely you will not get the $10 Extra Bucks.