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USPS Informed Delivery

I signed up for the USPS Informed Delivery because you check on your phone, if you have mail or not. The post office scans the mail and packages and you can check just as shown in the picture above what’s coming in your mailbox for that particular or not.  For packages, you won’t see the package but you will see that you have package coming to your home.

For example, USPS Informed Delivery is how I can “see” that I had the Walmart Weighted Package Food Lawsuit Settlement check was going to be in my mailbox that particular day.

You only see the mail when it’s scanned at your local post office for delivery.

Initially, when I signed up for USPS Informed Delivery, it was an app but then in 2020 when the previous administration was trying to dismantle the post office and make us pay Amazon to deliver our mail, they got rid of the app and you literally have have go to website to check your mail which I just do on my phone.

I high recommend that you sign up for the USPS Informed Delivery!


CVS: Airbnb gift card deal!

As you know, I am out of town attending my brother’s graduation and the festivities surround the graduation and May and June are busy months with not only graduations but also weddings.

This week, CVS has the Airbnb gift card spend $100 get $15 Extra Bucks, limit 1, an excellent gift to give to a grad, bride and groom or anyone on your gift giving list.

I gave an Airbnb gift card to my nephew for his birthday, I think it was just before the pandemic hit, and he loved it.


Sometimes, when there is an exceptionally good deal, you want to do the deal multiple times especially when it’s a money maker and you can sometimes.

The thing is that you cannot have the same email address for all the rebate apps.  You should your emails addresses for couponing easy to remember.  For example, if you use [email protected] for Ibotta, use [email protected] for Swagbucks, [email protected] for Inbox Dollars, [email protected] for Checkout 51, etc.

The five rebate apps listed in the picture allegedly have a reciprocal relationship and if you activate an offer, for example on CO51 and you are using the same email address, you may not see the offer on Swagbucks or Mypoints, etc.

Also, whenever possible, you want to use Mypoints first because you always get a few extra pennies than the other 4 apps due to how the points are calculated.


CVS $5 Challenge

The challenge is to spend no more than $5 out of pocket at CVS using coupons and EBs (Extra Bucks). Make sure that you have a CVS loyalty card and scan your CVS card at a CVS scanner prior to taking your goodies to the cash register b/c you may save more money! Also, hopefully, you have bought a couple of the Sunday newspaper to get you going. See my previous post for a full preview of the CVS deals.

SS = Smart Source coupon insert in Sunday newspaper
RP = Red Plum coupon insert in Sunday newspaper

Coupon Lingo
Sign up for Ibotta rebates
Sign up for Checkout 51 rebates
CVS Survey
CVS Beauty Club
How to Reprint Your Lost ECBs
CVS 98% Rule
CVS Preview 5/22– 5/28

Scenario #1

Buy (1) Sure or Brut deodorant $2

Get Back $2 Extra Bucks

Scenario #2

Buy (2) TRESemmé Premium hair care $10
Use -$2 Extra Bucks from scenario #1
and Use -$5 off 2 digital coupon

Get Back $2 Extra Bucks

Scenario #3

Buy (2) Select Wheat Thins, Triscuit, BelVita biscuits, Ritz, Chips Ahoy! or saltine crackers $7
Use -$2 Extra Bucks from scenario #2

Get Back $2 Extra Bucks




Let me say “Thank You” to all of you that have used my referral code for Shopkick or any of my referral codes because it’s much appreciated. I pay for the blog hosting services each month and I do not put any advertisements on the blog.  When you visit my blog, I want to pay attention to the content and not a talking commercial or be distracted by some commercial content.  I don’t post Amazon deals unless it’s an extremely good deal and I am not affiliated with Amazon.  Again, Thank You for your support!

I took this screenshot to point out the ShopKick’s ScanKick which is an opportunity to have accumulate a few more points on a deal.

In the case of the Vital Protein deal, we was buying the Vital Protein packets vice the containers shown in the ShopKick picture because their verbiage did not exclude the packets.  However, with the ScanKick, you have to scan pretty much was shown in the picture to get those points.

Do not contact Shopkick Customer Service about the ScanKick not working, they will not give you courtesy points like Walgreens Customer Service.

If the scan isn’t working on what’s pictured, you just have to walk away without those kicks.

Contact Shopkick Customer Service only if your receipt is rejected but the offer detail didn’t have any exclusions (include screenshots of the verbiage of the offer).