$0.25 any Brand Greek Yogurt Ibotta Rebate

Earlier today, I posted about the FREE Chobani Greek Yogurt with Nut Butter (5.3 oz) at Ralphs and other Kroger affiliated stores which should qualify for the $0.25 any Brand Greek Yogurt Ibotta Rebate offer.

If by chance, you picked the FREE Chobani Gimmies Crunch (4 oz) , last week, there was a FREE Kroger greek yogurt offer that will also qualify.

I love these types of deals because you spend no out of pocket and they pay you a quarter to upload your receipt! 🙂


  • DENISE September 6, 2019, 20:15

    Thanks. I also saw a cheese one and tri- tip roast one. Vons has tri-tip on sale for $2.97 a pound this week.

  • Ms. B. September 7, 2019, 06:44

    Denise, thank you! 🙂