$1.03 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 17th day of the month and I have earned $1.03 cents in my ING savings account.

I finally got an email from Rite Aid that my Single Check Rebate has been cut. It’s in the amount of $23.53 plus I still haven’t deposited my fatwallet.com $62 check that’s almost $100.

I am paying down my Cap1 Visa faster than I had anticipated so I will have to set new goals for a sooner payoff. My original goal was to have my balance down to $2,600 by the end of the year but I will there by Friday when I get paid. I know (at least I hope) that I will get a bonus of about $1,500 sometimes in Oct or Nov. Plus, I am due for a big fat raise next month so that will help with an increased house payment when I get my condo.

I counted every penny, I save b/c I am building up the Benjamins!