$1.21 in ING interest…

Okay, so my final talley for interest earned in the month of June in my ING savings account is…$1.21!!!!!!! The interest was deposited into my saving account this morning. That’s free money. I am so very Blessed.

Just some background information, I used to be a BIG spender but I never had any money. I make a good living but I use to spend every penny I had. Then back in Oct 08 when the financial bubble burst, a light bulb went off in my head that I needed to cut back spending and start to save money. Back in Feb 09, I jumped into the water of online savings and I have been building up the Benjamins (money) since then and cutting my spending.

I have three savings accounts at three different financial institutions (it works for me). However, I mostly post regarding my ING acct b/c I can see the interest being earned every day and it gets deposited once a month.

Currently, I have $1,194.67 in total in ING savings (including interest) amongst eight different ING accounts:

  • Handbag Acct (I love a GOOD handbag)
  • DMV (car registration/tags due Oct 09)
  • Trip (to go see family)
  • Car Insurance 2009 (due Oct 09)
  • Car Insurance 2010 (due 2010)
  • AAA Card
  • Car Insurance Deductible
  • House Closing Fund

The DMV, card insurance 09 and AAA Card savings accounts are fully funded for the year. My Emergency Fund, as well as, my real House Fund are different financial institutions. I also have a 401k but that money is automatically funded through work.

Anyways, I earned $1.21 in ING interest, I am building up the Benjamins!