$1.22 in ING interest…

It’s the 27th day of the month and I have earned $1.22 in my ING savings account.
It looks like my son is moving back home next weekend, his living arrangements didn’t work out so back home he comes. Kevin is an only child so he has a tough time adjusting to things like sharing duties like cleaning and cooking…he’s use to me doing it! But the good things is that he will have some take aways or learning experiences about himself. Also, for now, I will be able to keep the money that I was diverting to him and put it into savings!
My savings or rather my net worth has really grown over the last six months since I have made a concerted effort to save. Sometimes, I wonder where I would be if 5 yrs ago if I had of been couponing and putting money into savings? Obviously, I will never know but I have a good idea where I will be if I continue my pattern of savings for the second half of the year!
It’s a good feeling…knowing!