$1.68 in ING interest…

It’s the 21st day of the month and I have earned $1.68 in interest in my ING savings account. 

Thank Goodness, I set-up my bill payments and my savings in advance b/c I have been fighting an ear infection for a week now.  Thankfully, I had already scheduled my posts to the blog so I didn’t have worry about that. 

Although I wasn’t feeling well, I still checked the balance on my Cap1 Visa…and currently, I owe $1,499.44!!!

So, if I pay $500 plus maybe $40 in interest…I should have Cap1 Visa paid off by end of year and start out the year right.  It’s so exciting b/c I have had this debt hanging over my head for the last two years and I can finally see the light through the clouds of debt.

You know, the economic downturn was truely a Blessing for me.  It woke me up from the fog of carrying debt.  The credit cards wasn’t the problem…I was.  I do have another credit card that I paid off back in March 09 that I use but I pay if off immediately, now.  Before, I would put something on a credit card and just pay the minimum balance, thereby, carrying debt.

I cannot wait until December!