$1.90 in ING interest…

Aaaaah, it’s the 28th day of the month and I have earned $1.90 in my ING savings account!

I finally received my car registration renewal. I always get it in the month of August, although, it’s not due until November. I was looking forward to getting my car registration renewal this year in particular b/c it was rumor that Californians registrations would DOUBLE this year b/c of our budget crisis. However, I drive an older model Honda Civic and my registration is $101 this year. YAY! It was only $80 last year so that was like a 20% increase.

I had set up a “DMV” fund in my ING savings account and I had funded it this past June at $180. So, in October, I’ll transfer the money into my credit union checking account and pay my $101 car registration renewal.

With ING, you can create “sub” savings accounts and name them whatever your savings goals are and it keeps you focused on your goals. It’s the main reason why I love saving with ING!