$2.32 in ING savings for the month of Aug

It’s the 1st day of the month but I earned $2.32 in my ING savings account for the month of Aug! Wow, I exceeded my expectation of around $1.95.
It’s probably b/c I took my OT money and fully funded my Insurance Deductible Fund to $500 and started funding my Car Insurance 2010 Fund. My Car Insurance 2010 Fund is sitting around $300.

You know, I have not taken ANY money out of my ING savings account since I opened it back in Feb 09. That is truly a miracle b/c I have had a saving account since I was 12 y/o but as soon as I would put the money into savings…I would take it back out!

I have finally learned to save up for what I want so I can pay cash for it or do without it.