$2.48 in ING interest…

It’s the 30th day of the month and I have earned $2.48 in interest in my ING savings account.

Now tomorrow, I will have my final talley of how much I earned for the month September.  ING keeps adding a cent here and there until midnight of the last day of he month.

Yesterday, I had a 14 1/2 hour day at work, I was beat down tired.  Today, will be my last day before the end of the quarter and I won’t be working any OT for awhile. 

I got an email from Rite Aid telling me that I qualified for the $20 gift certificate and of course I requested b/c in a couple of weeks there will be a big freebie sale.

Man, that Rite Gift of Savings was super easy to qualify for especially since I was coupons!

It’s all about savings money and building up the Benjamins!