$2 Level Up #1 Ibotta Bonus Rebate!!!

There are three new Ibotta Bonus rebates and if you are not an Ibotta member, please feel free to use my referral code UaA and you will receive $10 when you redeem your first rebate!

$2 Level Up #1 Ibotta Bonus Rebate – redeem 4 rebates (exp. 6/27/18 at 11:59 PM)

$3 Level Up #2 Ibotta Bonus Rebate – redeem 10 rebates (exp. 6/27/18 at 11:59 PM)

$5 Level Up #3 Ibotta Bonus Rebate – redeem 15 rebates (exp. 6/27/18 at 11:59 PM)

Don’t forget that there is a $.25 any Grocery Receipt Ibotta Rebate offer that you have to activate..

Multiple redemptions of the same offer on one receipt will only count once towards the bonus.

Make sure to check your Ibotta account to see how many rebates you will need to redeem for the bonus as the number of redemptions varies by account.


  • Jill June 20, 2018, 23:16

    Wow, the expiration date on my level up#1 is 6/21/18 @ 11.59 pm. I don’t see the other level up offers in my account right now.

    • Ms. B. June 22, 2018, 08:27

      Jill, how weird that you have such a short expiry date.

  • Gary June 24, 2018, 17:56

    I’m confused on this. Do you need to do the total rebates for each level or is it cumulative? So to get all $10 would I need to do 39 eligible rebates or is the 15 needed for level 3 include the ones I already did for a level 1 and 2? I couldn’t really tell from the Ibotta site. Thanks

    • Ms. B. June 24, 2018, 18:24

      Gary, I may be wrong but it appears that you need to redeem only 15 rebates as each time you redeem a rebates in looks like it counts towards all three levels. I assume since you are only level, you should only need to redeem five more items? Let us know.