$.25 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 6th day of the month and I earned $.25 in my ING savings account. Thank goodness for me finding couponing! With me saving money via couponing, it gives the ability to stash money in my savings account. Couponing has given me the ability to see the I wont pay for allot of other things. For example, I was in TJ Maxx yesterday, looking at summer tops. I found one little cute tee but it was $14. The old me would have paid the $14 for the tee but the new couponer me thought that it was outrageous to pay $14 for a cute little tee. Couponing does really affect the way you relate to money in all aspects of your life!

Anyways, I have earned $.25 in compounding interest in my ING savings account. As Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.