$.29 cents in ING savings…

Oooowwweeeeeee, I have earned $.29 cents in ING savings and it’s only the 7th day of the month. I like actively managing my savings b/c I can increase or decrease my savings depending on my circumstances for that pay period. So far, I have not had to decrease my adding to my ING savings…knock on wood and thank God! But I like the flexibilty fo manging my saving myself instead of just being on auto-pilot and having a set amount go into savings. At my age, I know that “Stuff Happens” so it’s better to be prepared to divert money in case of emergency pops up. It keeps me from having have to use a credit card.

Anyways, it’s the 7th day of the month, I earned $.29 cents on my ING saving account and I am building up the Benjamins!