$3 Arnicare Gel Ibotta Rebate is Back!!!

If you did the Arnicare gel deal at CVS, last week, but the Arnicare gel rebate disappeared before you could submit your rebate, the $3 Arnicare gel Ibotta rebate is back and you can hurry up and submit your rebate (Thanks, Cheryl)!!!


  • Jessica February 1, 2018, 18:08

    Is it really possible to submit a receipt after a purchase was made even if there was not Ibotta offer on my account at the time of purchase? I thought we must add an offer to account before purchase to get a rebate. How does it work? Thanks

  • Jessica February 1, 2018, 18:46

    Also, is it $3 or $2 cash back? I’m a little confused.

    And could you please tell me how you know a limit of Ibotta rebates? I assume there is always just one offer on my account since it does not say anything about a limit at all in offer detail. Thanks

    • Ms. B. February 2, 2018, 07:17

      Tammy, you have up to 7 days submit a receipt for an Ibotta offer even if you had not previously activated the offer.