$.35 in ING interest…


It’s the 7th day of the month and I have earned $.35 cents in my ING savings account!

With my EXTRA overtime moolah, I decided to fully fund my “Car Insurance Deductible” fund.  I already had like $141 and change in that fund.  My car insurance deductible is $500.  In August 2008, I was in a fender-bender (Thank God, I wasn’t at fault) but it just made me realize that I needed to have $500 at my fingertips, if I ever was at fault for a car accident.  Also, that $500 will sit in my saving account collecting interest and it will only be used for my deductible should I need it.  I like the thought of my money just sitting around in a saving account.

I also threw $500 towards my debt repayment of Cap1 Visa.  My balance will be at $2612.96.  Cap1 always wait until the next day to update your credit card balance.

Yes, I do have a 401k account through my job!  So, don’t worry I got all of my money saving bases covered. LOL.