$.36 cents in ING interest….

I just checked my ING savings accts and I’ve earned $.36 so far. I have $731 across 6 ING accts. However, at the end of June, I will be removing $174 to pay my 2nd of 3 insurance installment. It makes me kinda sad that I will be removing money from my ING acct but it’s the reason I set up the insurance account so that I could just pay the insurance when it is due instead of taking it out of my discretionary money after pay day.

My 3rd and final insurance installment is in Oct and then my car insurance will paid (Apr 09 – Apr 10). I will have my insurance savings acct fully funded by September and then will work towards fully funding my insurance for the year in April 2010.

I hate paying for insurance. It’s like money that is just thrown out of a window. Logically speaking, I understand why I have to have insurance…for worst case senarios but still…I just hate paying. I can’t even imagine paying a monthly insurance bill…it would just eat me up. I use about 10 yrs ago but it just made more dollars and cent$ to pay it yearly or in 1/3’s because I don’t have to pay that stupid “Service Fee”.

Anyways, I am saving money and that’s the most important thing.