$.37 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 5th day of the month and I have earned $.37 cents in interest in my ING savings account.

Yipeeee, my Cap1 Visa balance is now down to $1,199.44. I can’t wait to see the balance go under a thousand dollars. Dang, by next year the money that I have been spending to pay off debt will be going directly into my savings account.

I just thought of this…I have been sending $300/month towards my Cap1 Visa so when I complete that obligation, I will then open a New Car Fund and put that $300 in there!

Oh, by the way, I got my $20 Kraft rebate check on Saturday!!! Another check in the bank.  I hadn’t deposited the other rebate checks (Zantac, SCR, Febreze) I had received so altogether I deposited $85.65 in the bank on Saturday!!!!!

Once, I finish paying off my Cap1 Visa, I will go into more detail about this particular credit card.  But for now, I hope that I am encouraging others to pay down debt and save by reading my story.