$.40 cents in ING interest…

Yep, I have earned $.40 cents in my ING savings account and it’s the 10th day of the month! You are probably wondering why I keep posting about the interest in my saving account? Number one, it keeps me focused on saving and number two, I want to encourage others to save, too. Really, all of us need to not only save but pay down debt.

I believe that your first savings goal should be a $1,000 in an Emergency Fund, this will enable you to stop using your credit cards and give you the confidence you need to have other savings goals. Put money towards an Emergency Fund any way you can. $5 here $50 there, etc until you reach, at least a $1,000 Emergency Fund.

My purpose in couponing is to save money…literally! But if you have no goals as to what to do with the money you save, you are bound not to get very far.

As my mama always said, “Save for the future b/c you don’t know what your future may hold”.