$.43 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 13th day of the month and I have earned $.43 cents in ING interst! I also earned $2.18 on youdata.com and that was money was moved over to my paypal account on Friday. Youdata pays every Friday and moves the money into your paypal acct every Friday. I heard that you can earn $20-$25 a month from youdata.com. I only signed up on Wednesday night so we will see next Friday how much I earned. It’s free money is how I see it.

I now have over $1,000 in savings in ING. It was easy b/c I actively saved and the money isn’t something I can “tap” into easily. When I had extra money, like when I work ALLOT of OT, I threw it into savings instead of buying something frivilous. I also threw $380 towards Cap1 Visa and Retail card #2. Retail card #2 will be paid off next month and then I will really start working towards paying off Cap1 Visa. The balance of what I owe to Cap1 Visa stands today at $3355. I challenged myself to get that darn Visa bill down to $2,800 by the end of the year. The interest that I’m paying to Cap1 could be going towards savings but instead it’s going to them.