$.43 cents in ING interest…

YAYYYY!!!! My ING savings account has earned $.43 cents interest in 18 days. I love passive income and compounding interest. I keep dreading the fact that in about a month, I’ll have to move over $174 to pay my car insurance. On my next paycheck (5/30), I am going to move $125 to my ING Car Insurance account then I will only need $40 to fully fund my car insurance for the year (4/2009 to 4/2010). That way maybe around August, I can start funding my insurance for 2010-2011. I always work allot of overtime during the summer months up until October each year.

I will be on vacation starting on Tuesday, I will be flying to Northern CA to go see my mom. I will be there until Sunday. I need the break from the daily grind and Imiss seeing my mom. I will not be taking my computer so I will post my ING interest update on Sunday.