4 Quick Tips About CVS

CVS If you are new to couponing or you do not have allot of time to do drugstore deals, CVS is probably the easiest drugstore to shop!  Below are some tips for CVS:

1.  Rainchecks:  CVS honors all Rainchecks and they never expire.  If an Extra Bucks deal is out of stock, grab a Raincheck b/c when you go to redeem your Raincheck, the Extra Bucks associated with Raincheck will be manually printed.  Give Raincheck item(s) first along with the Raincheck itself to the cashier.

2.  Percentage Off Coupons:  Ocassionally, CVS has percentage off coupon, i.e., 20%, 25% or 30% off.  The majority of the times, these coupons work after all CVS Coupons including $4/$20, $5/$20, $5/25, $5/$30, $10/$50, $5 Beauty Bucks, $1 Greenback Tag Bucks, or any Extra Bucks that says “CVS Coupon” on your receipt.

3.  98% Rule:  When CVS is offering for example a “wyb $20 get $10 Extra Bucks” your subtotal needs to be $19.60 (98% of $20) before tax and coupons to get the $10 Extra Bucks to print.

4.  Ad Early Activation: Most Non-24 Hour CVS stores, activate the Sunday on late Saturday afternoon around 4pm.  Do a price check of something that will be on sale in the new week (but is regular price in the current week), if it scans at the sale price, the new ad is activated.



  • JustD January 2, 2013, 21:00

    Wow, I’ve heard about but never even thought the ads would be active at 4:00 pm at the stores that WEREN’T 24 hours. I’ve only ever tried it at 24 hour stores and it never worked. It makes so much more sense this way, though. Do the ECB’s print early, too?

    • admin January 2, 2013, 21:59

      The ECB will print BUT it depends. If the register thinks if the current week ad has the better deal or the new ad, it will give you whatever is better. For example, if Aveeno is BOGO50% off this week and it’s regular price with a $5 ECB, the register will give you the BOGO50% price b/c it’s better. BUT (again with the buts) if the new tags are up then they are obligated to give you a manual print of the $5 ECB at the BOGO50% price.

  • Gee January 3, 2013, 19:40

    There use to be a few CVS stores in CA in the 90s, but they moved out. I guess CVS was testing the waters here or wasn’t ready to expand yet.

    Useful guide, thank you for posting. I did not know about the 98 precent rule, I knew rite-aids rule is to be within 25 cents to the reward mark in order to get the reward to print.

    • admin January 4, 2013, 19:14

      I was living in Northern California in the 90’s, we only had Long’s and Thrifty Drugstores. 🙂