$5 Weekend Winter Wonderland Bonus

Some how, I completely missed the $5 Weekend Winter Wonderland Bonus until I submitted my receipt to Ibotta and it was approved.  This will also stack with the $10 Make It Rein Bonus.

Nick, mentioned that the Ritz Cheese Crispers if you buy one of each of two specific flavors of the Ibotta rebates, you’ll get credit for 3 offers. Walmart sells the Ritz Cheese Crispers for $2.93 each.

Also, Nick says the the FREE CORE bar, any variety, any size Ibotta rebate offer is back as separate offer at Walmart and Whole Foods.  This is not the CORE Refrigerated Energy Bars that pretty much cannot be found.



  • Nick December 4, 2020, 21:11

    I checked out at Whole Foods literally 10 minutes ago, also want to mention the free Rx Layers Bar which popped up (who in their right mind would pay $2.99 for this without getting their money back from Ibotta?!) PLUS… the Brekki overnight oats (one of my favorites – delicious!) is on sale 2/$3 and there’s a nice Ibotta to go along with that one! Buy 3, you can try different flavors. Enjoy! 😃

    • TheCouponer December 5, 2020, 05:11

      I’m also showing a free Larabar at whole foods as well. 9

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