$.60 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 15th day of the month of July and I have earned $.60 cents in my ING savings account. I have decided that starting next month, I will start throwing more money towards my Car Insurance Deductible so that I can fully fund it by some time in September. My deductible is $500. There are some savings goals that I want to have fully funded by the time, I buy a home b/c I will have some added expenses that I don’t have now living in an apartment, i.e., a trash bill and a water bill. I also know that I will need a $5,000 Home Repair savings account for the unexpected and I really need to have a “Car Repair” savings account of at least $2,500.

Boy, oh boy, do I got allot of savings to do! But at least, I have earned $.60 cents interst in my ING savings account so far this month.