$.64 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 27th day of the month and I’ve earned $.64 cents in ING interest! I love how ING shows you on a daily basis how much interest you are earning by leaving your money put and not spending it.

I have officially fully funded my DMV savings account for 2009. My car registration is due in Oct but my money will be in the DMV savings account collecting interest until October.

By my first paycheck of June, my ING Car Insurance saving account will be fully funded. Again, I have my second car insurance bill due June 12th and my third and final installment bill is due in Oct 2009. This savings thing has been such a Blessing to be putting money aside for the the things that you have to pay for any ways. So, starting in June, I will begin saving for one payment in Apr 2010 and pay my car insurance off in 2010 with one payment instead of breaking it up into 3 installments and having to pay the service fee.

My next conquest will be my AAA Card savings accout, I’m half way there with $31 in the account. I will fund that account with my second paycheck of June. At that time, I will add a new account called “Car Insurance Deduction”, I have a $500 deduction requirement so I might as well fund that so I won’t have any worries for a car accident.

I am really saving my money or building up the Benjamins!