$.68 cents in ING interest…

It’s the 9th day of the month and I have earned $.68 cents in my ING savings account.

Yippppeeee, I just checked my Cap1 Visa balance and I am FINALLY have more available credit than debt.

Currently, my balance is $2, 199.95 and my available credit is $2,550.04.

Around this time last year, my available credit was around $800. I know b/c I needed some dental work done and I have no dental coverage and I had an impacted tooth with infection! The dentist suggested that after the infection went away that it would cost around $800 to get a root canal. I almost hopped out of the dental chair b/c I knew that I didn’t have that type of money. He than suggested that I go to Tijuana (TJ) to have the work done for a quarter of the price.

The following weekend, I found myself hopping on the Trolley going to TJ with a friend. I made two trips – one for the root canal and another for the crown. All in all, it cost me $425 to have the dental work done. They did an EXCELLENT job on my dental work and everyone spoke English b/c my Spanish es muy mal (is very bad).

My Spanish skills should be better than I speak especially since I am a quarter Cuban (a shout out for my relatives in FL!) and I lived in Spain for 4 yrs as a kid!

I have set my Cap1 balance goals at being at $1,500 by the end of the year.

Anyways, I have earned $.68 cents in my ING savings account and I am building up the Benjamins!