7 Quick Rebate Tips

1One of the best ways to roll store rewards is to do rebates because with stores rewards you can only use those rewards at specifics stores.  It is much better to get a rebate check or a Visa/Mastercard Gift Card where you can use it anywhere!!!

Below are 10 quick rebate tips:

1.  Read the rebate form carefully because there are always stipulations.

2.  Save a copy of the rebate form to your hard drive.  Manufacturers can pull the form at anytime.

3.  Address an envelope with the name and address so you can slip your receipt(s) into the envelop as you buy the qualifying items.

4.  Keep a log of the qualifying items you buy with the UPC numbers.

5.  If you loose or misplace the UPC number, go to amazon.com and enter the item name.  Amazon has a UPC number for every item sold on their site.

6.  Buy as many “like” items that you can for a rebate to save time.  For example, a P&G Rebate in which you need to spend $25 to get $10, buy 5 Gillette Venus Sensitive Sensible Disposables Razors so you can just write the UPC number just once and enter the price.

7.  Give yourself at least a week before the expiration date to mail off your rebate so it can get to the rebate center in plenty of time!


  • Gee April 22, 2013, 23:30

    Great tips. I didn’t know I could get UPC elsewhere.

    I have a $4 orajel rebate to fill out and the hill’s pet food rebate. The hill’s rebate says it excludes $1 off bags and discount bags etc so I’m not sure if I should return to petco and rebuy so I can get the rebate. I bought the bag when it was on sale at petco. I also have a neilmed rebate too, it says I can submit it online or by phone.

    • admin April 23, 2013, 05:00

      When I bought the Covergirl new lipsticks they only had a partial UPC code so I went to Amazon to get the actual UPC code from Amazon for the P&G rebate.