$.75 cents in ING interest…

Dang, I am rolling now…I have earned $.75 cents in ING savings interests!

At 47 y/o, I feel like such a grown up b/c I have a small savings. For years, financially, I didn’t earn much money – I lived paycheck to paycheck. My dad, God rest his sole, did not manage money well and my mom was a stay at home mom. But once, I completed college at age 40, my financial picture changed. And when I did start making money, I wasn’t saving it. You’d think all the years that I struggled with having no money that I would save it. Instead, I bought stupid stuff. But it was the down turn of the econcomy last Oct that finally made me realize that I needed to save for a rainy day.

So currently, I have $856.62 amongst six different ING savings accounts, this does not include the $.75 in interest b/c that won’t be deposited into my accounts until the last day of the month.

I actually have savings in three financial institutions – 2 different credit unions and ING. One of the credit unions, I keep my Emergency Funds. The other credit union, I keep my real House Down Payment Funds. My ING savings accounts is for all my other savings goals I want to accomplish.

It all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!