OMG, I have earned $.81 cents in ING interest! I have been working hard to add to my ING savings accounts. But at the end of June I will be removing $174 to pay for my second installment of my car insurance…so I’m not sure how much interest I’ll be earning in June. However, in June, I will be adding another $125 to my Car Insurance ING saving account and that add will fully fund my Car Insurance account for the year.

It’s so fun talking about savings interest, debt payment and saving money in general b/c I finally understand my finances. I will finally hit the $1,000 mark in my ING savings account in the middle of June that’s a big accomplishment for me. It will have taken me 4 months to do it but I will have done it! The couponing thing has really helped me save money, too.

I use to go to the drugstore or grocery store and bought whatever was on sale without a coupon. Now, I go to the drugstore/groccry store and buy what’s on sale AND use a coupon and I at least save $5 off of the cashier register, thereby, I have more money to put towards savings or discretionary spending.

I thought the interest would be deposited this morning since it is the last day of the month. But I guess ING waits until the end of the day to deposit the interest.

This blog is all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!