A better deal on the Tillamook Butter!!!

A reader, Jeri, says the following:

Check the affiliates (Dillon’s, City Market, etc.) for a better price of $2.47 on the Tillamook butter.

Ralphs has the Tillamook butter on sale for $3.47 with digital coupon and if you have that offer already clipped go back into your account and Unclip.

Go to any Kroger affiliate other then Ralphs or Food 4 Less and use your same username and password and clip the $2.47 Tillamook butter coupon.

I was thinking to myself, this morning, that I’d like to try the Tillamook butter but we already have butter so it didn’t make since for me to buy butter at $3.47 but now that it’s $2.47…I’ll probably stop by Ralphs, this weekend, to pick up a couple! 🙂

Thanks, Jeri!