A great savings day…

My day started out really crazy because my car wouldn’t start this morning. But a co-worker was kind enough to offer to pick me up. Besides that, we had an in-house (boring) conference to attend. But I still needed to get my car up and running so another co-worker was very kind and took care of my car problems for me (I gave him the money to do so).

Then co-worker #1 and I decided to go to Walmart on a whelm before going to the conference. I needed a printer for my computer so that I can print out good coupon deals. First of all, I headed over to the food department at Walmart because I remembered they had a good deal on the Kraft salad dressing and bbq sauce from a couponing blog I read. Sure enough, the Kraft salad dressing was on sale for $1.58. I had the following coupons:

4 -$1.50 Kraft Salad Dressing coupons
2-$.50 Kraft BBQ Sauce coupons

I offered to give my co-worker 2 of the $1.50 Kraft Salad Dressing Coupons and I kept 2.

So, I walked away from Walmart paying $.16 for Kraft Salad Dressing!!! Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong size BBQ sauce, the size I wanted was on sale for $.99 and I picked up the $1.98 cent sauce. But we needed BBQ sauce so that was okay because I did save a dollar there and the printer I bought was $32. So my grand total for six items at Walmart was $38.97 including tax. I also had purchased a zippered pouch to keep my coupons organized for $.97.

My co-worker was truly amazed that she had bought the Kraft Salad Dressing for $.16 (2 @ .08 cent each). At first, she was a bit perplexed at what I was trying to explain to her but once I drug her over to the food isle and she saw the price and the $1.50 coupons…she got it!!!!! She was a very happy camper b/c she has a larger family than I do and it increased her bottom line and saved her money.