A Quick 20 in my Account

Yesterday morning, the skies were covered in heavy black clouds and there was a very light mist of rain but I’d looked at the hourly weather forecast on weather.com so I knew, I could run a few errands before the monsoon rains came my way.  I absolutely hate driving in the rain after my car went hydroplaning, on a freeway in Sacramento, one early morning on my way to work for the U.S. Army.   Anyways, I got over to Walmart and picked up my favorite fragrances of the moment, although, they completely out of the Adidas fragrance.

At this particular store, Walmart has the fragrance and nail care aisles cordon off and they have set up a manned-cash register at the front of the aisle.  Customers must buy fragrance or nail care items only at this particular register or they will call security on you.  I have been to the little register set-up three weeks in a row, buying the exact same fragrances each time.  The male cashier recognizes me and says that he has my bag already set up for me.  🙂

I literally was not in the store more than ten minutes and I picked up the three Money Maker razors on my way to the Beauty Register.

I spent $14.91 (plus tax), using the PayPal debit card, for the fragrances and razors and I have $20 my account, this doesn’t include the $8 in my IB account for the same fragrance.

It took me like 30 minutes.