If you haven’t gotten your FREE Thanksgiving Dinner, yet, I want to make sure that you understand that the turkey offer is a FREE Butterball Turkey Roast 3 lbs or Whole Turkey (up to $9.98).  If you cannot find the Turkey Roast 3 lbs which is $9.98 at Walmart, you can opt for a Butterball Whole Turkey but you will only be paid back $9.98.

Also, a reader, Nick, left a comment about the Great Value Frozen Fine Green Beans, 12 oz $1.34.  Only the Fine Green Beans qualifies for the rebates.  Below Nick has some other pointers about the FREE Thanksgiving Dinner:

In case people are confused the free green beans in the freezer should say “FINE” on them. If you grab the very similar package that says “CUT” it is NOT a match with ibotta. This isn’t true with some of the other items. You CAN get the larger size of the French’s Crispy Onions even though Ibotta specifies the smaller one. You can also get the Campbell’s soup in the version which has less fat or sodium. But the Ibotta offer won’t fully reimburse you at the higher price.

Make sure that you are using the Ibotta app to scan each item to ensure that you are buying the correct item for the offer.