On Friday, I got the FREE Chobani Cold Brew Coffee (excluding CRV and tax) and today, looking at the Ibotta app, the offer resets to $0.75 Chobani Ready to Drink Coffee, any variety, any size, limit 5, Ibotta rebate offer that is only valid at Albertsons which makes the Chobani Cold Brew just $0.24!!!

If you did the deal on your Albertsons account, you can use your Vons phone number at Albertsons and do the deal again.  Just remember to activate the Chobani Cold Brew Coffee digital coupon.

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  • Nick April 18, 2021, 18:07

    I don’t live near an Albertsons but made a special trip today to get 5 for FREE (since my prior purchases were at other stores in the chain that didn’t have the Ibotta offer). I was in a different part of town anyway due to a Walgreens pickup order that included items never in stock in the stores close to home. It was great for multiple reasons: the items were available, they were on sale for BOGO50%off AND the total was just over $20 so it qualified for the SAVE 25% using code FAST25. I have used this method of shopping at Walgreens before and it works flawlessly. Just keep in mind that store pickup and ship to store are entirely different methods with different promotions. You’ll still earn any Walgreens cash, etc. that you would ordinarily get.