Albertsons savings program…

Albertsons has a savings program called “Avenu” in which they automatically upload coupons onto your preferred card.

With avenu, you’ll find personalized savings, extra offers, and fresh ideas—just for you.
Use avenu every time you shop online to get:
Fast and easy access to customized offers without coupon clipping
Instant savings on the products you love and new products to try
Additional offers and lifestyle ideas throughout the online store
Simply scan your Preferred Card at the avenuSM kiosk to get your personalized rewards sheet. Or, enter your Preferred Card number at the –>right to activate and print your offers online.

All you need to do is enter you loyalty card number and click “login” and it will show you your coupons. The coupons can be used online or at the grocery store.

Click here to sign up for Avenu!