All Coupon Deals are YMMV

We all get super excited when we see or hear about an awesome deal and we are ready to go especially on a deal that we really want.  We cut out the coupons, we write down the deal, we get into our car and we drive to our desired destination.  We arrive at where we want to be and thanks to the coupon gods, there is stock and it’s at the products is at the right price.

We get into cash register line to the friendly and talkative cashier.

All couponing deals are YMMV (your mileage may vary) which means that you may not be able to replicate the deal that read or heard.

It’s not your fault if you cannot replicate deal.

It’s the human factor like the MOLC (mean old lady cashier) that wrecks havoc on your dream transaction.  Typically, the MOLC is any lady or guy that is past the age of 30 years old.  The MOLC is usually passive-aggressive.  They are generally somewhat friendly and somewhat talkative.  They will appear to attempt to scan your coupon but the reality is they are not really scanning the coupon.

I find at grocery stores, it’s best to inform the MOLC to remove the items from your order and retrieve the coupon(s).  It’s best to talk to the store manager without the MOLC’s narrative as to what transpired.  A call to the store manager always works and you tell Bob that you will be at 10 or 2 or 6:30 p.m. to use your coupon and will he be available if there is any issue.  Done.  You won against the MOLC.

When you are doing a deal and you are not too sure how a deal will go always error on the cautious side and always look for the young male cashier.  If you cannot find a young male cashier and you are stuck, you pick the female cashier that looks youngest to you.

Whatever, you do when your transaction does not go right, do not pay the full price because are couponing to save money not to pay full price.  Never be too embarrassed to cancel a transaction because will Suzy or Mateo or Jawan will think that I cannot afford to buy the items.

When it comes to my money and how I spend it, I will without hesitation, tell a cashier to remove an item from my order especially if they are screaming that the coupon won’t scan or depending upon my mood, I will tell them to cancel my transaction in it’s entirety.

All couponing deals are YMMV.