Another Quick Trip to Vons

Yep, another quick trip to Vons (Safeway)…and I mean it was quick! How Vons does it receipt is a real mystery but below I put down how the coupons show on my receipt.  The Lays Chips are $1.88 J4U price.

Bought 1 Lays Potato Chips $4.29
Bought 1 Lay Potato chips $4.29
Bought 1 Bananas $2.13
Bought 1 Yellow Onion $.76

Total = $11.47

Used -$1/2 Lays Potato chips (Pepsi Moments 4/29)
Used -$1 coupon (mystery coupon on receipt)
Used -$1.29 Card Savings
Used -$.40 Card Savings
Used -$1.12 J4U Store eCpn
Used -$2.01 J4U Store eCpn
Used -$1 J4U Mfr eCpn
Used -$2.89 COPIENT DEPT DISC (produce)

Total after coupons used = .76 cents

The cash first scanned the Lays coupon and was talking to someone else and then manually entered the coupon while still talking so that how I ended up with the mystery extra $1 coupon.

It works for me! 🙂