I have been Rite Aiding since September 2009.  Over the last 10 months, the deals at Rite Aid has changed drastically from simply offering just Single Check Rebates (SCR) to Adperk coupons to the Wellness+ Program to +Up Rewards

Rite Aid is running all four programs…at the same time. 

It’s been a confusing but at the same time, an exhilarating and profitable ride.  For me, it’s been fun.  I’ve gotten try products that I’ve never even heard of before…remember the Acromel?  The Acromel was an acne cream and as luck would have it my face had broken out so buying the Acromel came right on time and it is something I wouldn’t probably considering buying if it hadn’t of been FREE after SCR.

All that being said, allot of you have quesions about Rite Aid.  Which is understandable.  There has been allot of changes over the last FOUR months.

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