Are we spending too much on groceries?🙄

I know that we are in the midst of a pandemic but the grocery store aisles are still pretty much bare.  However, the few items that I do find are regularly priced, no sale.  For example, I finally found a dozen eggs at Vons for $4.49 but I am grateful that I was able to offset the price with the $1.50 off app FRESH Eggs offer and the $0.25 Eggs Checkout 51 rebate offer.

I think it was last week, Vons had the Refresh bottled water 24 pk for $5.99, I think was. I guess having nothing on the shelves to sell eliminates the need to have other items on sale?

I was looking at the CVS Ad Sneak Peek for next week and I could hardly believe that they are advertising a gallon of milk for the price of $4.09 which gave me a flashback to when my job sent me to Honolulu, HI to work for three months and I remember how high the cost of milk is there (they don’t have milk cows there and fresh milk is flown into Hawaii).

Since nothing is really on sale at the grocery stores then it’s cheaper to go to Walmart or Target.  I find that going to Walmart or Target during the work week in the mornings, in my area, is the best time to go because there are very few people in the stores.

And let’s not even talk about the fact they there very few paper coupons or digital coupons so we are literally paying full price for a lot of items at the grocery store.

We’ve just got to figure out more ways to eat more cheaply at home!


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