Are You a Make Up Addict?

1I was a little late to the game of make up.  When I was in school, my parents were strict about not wearing make up and my mom was an “au naturale” girl with the exception being lipstick.  With all that being said and me growing up as an only girl in the family, I have always been a girlie-girl – I have always loved fashion trends!

My hair has been fried, dyed and laid to the side.  I have had super short hair to long hair.  I have bought low end accessories to high end.  And I have ran out and bought the latest and greatest in skincare and make up!

One thing that I have learned with skincare and make products is to read the reviews before running out and buying something.  There are tons of Beauty Bloggers out there that are willing to give their honest opinions.  Make Up Alley has been around for years with online peers reviewing skincare and make up products.

But I found a favorite new blog called the Beauty Professor.  This blogger gives in-depth reviews without using a bunch of fancy words…and she is a real professor in her every day life.  One of the things that I love about her blog is that when she does a color swatch of a product, she swatches all of the colors in the product line.

Her introduction page to the Beauty Professor is absolutely on point.  She briefly about her background and then goes into her skin coloring during the winter and summer months, the skincare and make up products that she use on a daily basis and the products she use when she has more time on her hands.

She has also just started a youtube channel called the Beauty Professor!

If you are a Make Up Addict, you must read the Beauty Professor to get the real scoop on the latest on skincare and make up products!!!