Baby Ruth Double Stack

Check your Rite Aid Rewards Bonus Cash Challenge for the Candy Bar offer which means that if you do have the offer, it’ll be a double stack – the challeng and Swagbucks and you can convert your Bonus Cash into a PayPal deposit or a gift card.

As we know, the Baby Ruth offer pops up and then disappears without notice so when it does pop up, you got get to Rite Aid ASAP to get the candy bars.

The regular price of the Baby Ruth candy bars at Rite Aid is $.99.

Limit: You can do any combination of the above options no more than four times per day.


  • Nick June 23, 2022, 10:34

    As I posted yesterday my Baby Ruth purchase at Rite Aid was not paid immediately. It went to pending status where it still sits. I bought 2 and didn’t bother buying more when I saw the result.

    All for 2 measly dollars.

    As we have previously discussed these are stressful economic times. It’s not an issue of $2 with me, because I can simply return the Baby Ruth’s and get a refund.

    But like many of you I neither have the time nor unlimited cheap gas in my car to pursue offers with glitches. It’s bad enough when Swagbucks pulls the offer suddenly, or when the store doesn’t have items in stock.

    I hope this is a rare experience with Swagbucks, because they will certainly lose many of us (and definitely me and Wifey) if offers redeemed according to the terms they set are now being frequently sent to pending jail.

  • Nick June 23, 2022, 16:41

    Checkout 51 has reset the $2.49/2 Red Chocolate Bar offer for some of you. Based on Rite Aid’s pricing of $1.19 AND BOGO you can get 4/free. These are no added sugar!