A Bit of Sunday Chit Chat

Yesterday, I posted about the Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray deal but it’s a big Money Maker because it’s  counting for two S* rebates – the $2 spray and the $2 oil!!!

Also, $2 Chosen spray CO51 rebate has zero quantities remaining but the spray counts for the oil, too, on CO51!!!

I did two separate transactions and submitted for IB, S* and CO51, the first receipt I got credit for everything.

However, when I scanned my second receipt, I realized that no CO51 spray rebates was available so I scanned for the Chosen oil and the rebate cleared!!!

I am keeping my finger crossed that the Ibotta rebate will reset for me so I can submit the second receipt.

Buying just one Chosen avocado spray, it’s a $3.02 Money Maker.

If you don’t feel comfortable submitting for the oil then don’t submit for the oil.