Blog Lovin Disappearing Posts

1While I have been on vacation, I have been trying to make some minor and major changes to the Blog.

Some of the minor changes that I was trying to go for was to my Dashboard to make it easier for me to create posts.  Most of the time, I am not seeing the front page of my blog like you see it b/c I am working from a Dashboard.  I also respond to comments from my Dashboard.

This is when my posts, pictures and videos started disappearing!

I had to go in and deactivate the plugin but there was still some sort of residual coding left.  I had to do whole bunch of junk (crap) to get that plugin uninstall but it’s done.

Some of the major changes I wanted to make was the look of the blog.  I actually contacted a web designer (I am no techie) to design the blog and make it pretty.  Unfortunately, the web designer has not responded to my email so I will have to keep looking for a web designer.

Don’t worry, my blog will still remain advertisement FREE! 🙂

Aaaaah, the life of a blogger.




  • Theresa December 30, 2012, 06:51

    I love your blog and how clean it looks. But how can you keep it advertisement free and make money at it – or is it just a time consuming hobby?

    • admin December 30, 2012, 10:53

      Theresa, thank you! I have a regular job that’s how I pay my bills. 🙂