Several readers left comments that they had found a $2 off 3 Quaker Old Fashioned, Quick and Instant Oats, Life, Quaker Simply Granola and Oatmeal Squares ready to eat cereals, Pearl Milling pancake mix and syrup, and Chewy granola Bars Tearpad Coupon on a special display (as pictured above) at Vons/Albertsons and Ralphs.

The coupon is valid through 5/31/22 and as you see by the first picture the Quaker instant oatmeal is part of the FAB 5, as well as, the Pearl Milling pancake mix and syrup.

In my neighborhood, store #1 only had one display and no tearpads and it appeared that the tear pad was never adhered to the display. Store #2 had three different displays all around the store and 2 out of 3 still had the tear pads.

Thank you to all who comments about finding tear pads!