Buy 3 Good Culture get 1500 SB

Tammy found a great on Buy 3 Good Culture get 1500 ($15) SwagBucks!!!  Below is what Tammy has to say:

Don’t remember seeing this deal on the site earlier this year but maybe I missed it for Good Culture and SB…
Buy 3 Good Culture get 1500 SB

*Only purchases of the following products are eligible for SB:
Good Culture® Low-Fat Classic Cottage Cheese, 16 oz
Good Culture® Low-Fat Classic Cottage Cheese, 5.3 oz
Good Culture® Pineapple Cottage Cheese, 5.3 oz
No other products are eligible for SB.
Must purchase 1 Good Culture® Low-Fat Classic Cottage Cheese (2% or 4%), 16 oz to earn SB.

SB for this offer can only be earned once per week (Sunday – Saturday), wile supplies last.

Not all products are available in all eligible retailers.

This offer is subject to change at any time and is available in limited quantities.

Purchase must be made between January 23, 2020 and May 31, 2020. Receipt must be uploaded by 11:30 pm Pacific Time on May 31, 2020. Purchases made outside of the listed dates are not eligible for SB.

Uploaded receipts are not eligible for SB if linked to other promotions.

If you do not have a SwagBucks account use my referral link and you’ll earn 300 SB ($3) points.

You will find the best prices at Walmart if you find both the 16 oz and 5.3 oz sizes at the same store.  However, Tammy found it at Ralphs (Kroger) and it’s still a nice Money Maker!!!  You can also do this deal on MyPoints.

Thanks, Tammy!


  • lori May 9, 2020, 08:36

    I bought this in April, and did this deal, buy it still has it available in my account account, can I do it again?

    • Ms. B. May 9, 2020, 12:38

      Lori, you can do again. It says “SB for this offer can only be earned once per week (Sunday – Saturday), wile supplies last.

      • lori May 9, 2020, 14:40

        Thank you, I did not see it saying that. I’m so glad i can do it again.

  • Dave May 9, 2020, 11:06

    can do on swagbucks and mypoints? says no other in app rebate- thanks!

    • Ms. B. May 9, 2020, 12:35

      Dave, you can submit to both SB & MP but you have to make two separate purchase of the exact same things on two separate receipts and you’ll have like a $16 Money Maker! 🙂 I’m not saying use the same receipt for SB & MP.

      • Dave May 9, 2020, 15:29

        Thanks- if I remember correctly I did get paid from both on Armourall
        on one purchase- thank again

        • Ms. B. May 9, 2020, 15:43

          SB & MP stopped double dipping in November or December 2019. You now have submit separate receipt to each, otherwise, you receipt will be rejected. 🙁

  • tammy May 13, 2020, 07:38

    Really bizarre- I was credited for this immediately and then today I received an email stating that I didn’t buy the correct products? I don’t know what is up with SB- probably overwhelmed with all the recent submissions!

    • Ms. B. May 13, 2020, 10:47

      Tammy, oh brother, SwagBucks is a holy mess with their new scan verification feature. I contacted them and I uploaded the pictures of the Good Culture products that I purchased and the receipt. I’m waiting for their feedback.

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