1I am a member of BzzAgent a program in which you are sent full size products and you also receive corresponding coupons. They normally send you like 6 to 8 high denominational coupons. After you try the products, they want you to write an honest review about the product. It’s a pretty simple program. I haven’t participated lately due to my hectic schedule b/c they do send you allot of offers to try products.

Anyways, BzzAgent is looking men to try…Gillette Products!!!

Let’s talk about an issue that’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind: male grooming. Men can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid doing it and women can’t avoid the results (or lack thereof). No one can escape its five o’clock shadow.

Luckily we have upcoming BzzCampaigns for men’s grooming products from Gillette that will make life easier (and smoother) for everyone. Send your male friends and loved ones (over the age of 18) to BzzAgent.com to create an account so they’ll have the opportunity to try Gillette products in upcoming campaigns!