Cap1 Visa Sucks….

Over the weekend, I bought a plane ticket for my son using my Cap1 Mastercard then I turn around and set up Bill Pay to pay off the balance but since it was the weekend, the payment didn’t come out of my checking acct until today. Anyways, I saw that the statement for my Cap1 Visa had cut for July. The minimum payment for Cap1 Visa for July is $105.

Dayum….the interest that Cap1 had charged me for the Visa had gone UP to $68.91. It’s ridiculous the interest I pay for having a balance on that Visa. Last month, I paid $44 and change…I have no new charges on my Visa so I don’t why the interest jumped. They didn’t change my interest rate…I checked. I guess, the credit card companies can charge whatever the hell they want to charge in interest. I already have Bill Pay set up to pay $150 this month for payment…now, I got to go back and re-do Bill Pay so I pay $169…so at least $100 goes towards the principle. I think I’ll break up the payment…check #1 – $150 and paycheck #2 $50 for a total of $200 with $139 and change going towards principle.

Paying Cap1 interest for carrying a balance does suck and it’s my fault. Thank God, I have enough knowledge not to JUST pay the minimum of $105 or I would never pay off Cap1. It still sucks, though…