If you are at Vons or Albertsons be sure to be on the look out for candy tear pads.  I actually spotted the special display in the Produce aisle turned backwards.


Vons and Albertsons stores have the Sargento Reserve Shredded Cheese on sale for $1.99 (normally price is $5.99) as part of their Buy 5 or more promotion.  Make sure that you buy the cheese that says “18-Month Aged” because that is the Reserve shred cheese.

There is a $1 off Sargento Reserve digital coupon that will make the cheese just $0.99!!!  You may have multiples of the $1 off digital coupons but only one coupon will come off per transaction.


I received an email from Vons, this morning, telling me that they have extended the expiration dates on any Rewards to May 31!!!


Since we are at home more then I have ever remembered, we are running low on paper plates and Vons and Albertsons stores have the Dixie Plates or Bowls 18-48 ct. on sale for $1.99 each as part of the Buy 5 or more promotion.

If you have not used the $.75/1 Dixie Plates (sign up) coupon to save even more money, it’s still available for you to print two coupons. You can sign up using a different valid email address and use Private browser or Incognito mode.


The Vons and Albertsons (SoCal) digital weekly ad is back!

The month of March was the longest YEAR ever because for about 2 and 1/2 weeks, in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, I couldn’t find eggs, milk, bread, meats, frozen meals, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I went to the Ralphs in Mission Valley twice and the lines in that store to get to the self check out register was out of this world.  What’s unique about this particular Ralphs is that it has TWELVE (12) self checkout (SCO) registers – 6 each on either side of the store and for some ungodly reason, they only had the self checkout register on the south end of the store opened.

I kid you not, the line for the first 3 SCO was 25 people deep, as well as, the line for the second 3 SCO’s was 25 people deep.  This is before they started putting the tape on the floor for social distancing or limiting how many people can be in the stores.

The area I live in is a highly dense population and it doesn’t take much for people to overrun the store. Thank, God! It has gotten better and thank God, I didn’t need for toilet paper, paper towels, soap or cleaning supplies.

Anyways, Vons and Albertsons stores have the California Cuties or Halos Tangerines 3 lb. bag for $2.99 each (limit 2)!!!