My Trip to Rite Aid and CVS (5/21)

Wow, my regular Rite Aid store posted a limit on the Oxi Clean only 3 per day. Yikes! So, I just drove down the street to Hillcrest and picked up another 3 Oxi Clean.  Each of the Oxi Clean are $.99 after coupon.  There is a $3 off Oxiclean Load2Card coupon and there is a $3 off Oxi Clean printable coupon.

I then went to CVS to do the St. Ives body wash deal but I had checked my CVS account and I had a $2 off $6 Body Wash CVS coupon plus a 30% off CVS coupon.  I decided to do just one transaction.

(3) St. Ives body wash 24 oz $14.97
(1) Chocolate covered almonds $4.99

= $19.96

(3) -$1.50 off St. Ives body wash, scrub, lotion or face care item, excl trial size, RP 05/14
-$1 off St. Ives CVS coupon (NLA)
-$2 off $6 Body Wash CVS coupon
-$5.39 CVS 30% off coupon
-$7 in Extra Bucks

Got Back $10 Extra Bucks


My Trip to CVS (5/7)

Sunday was a wet, dreary and cold type of day. I stayed in my sweats all day because I did not want to turn on the heater since our electric bill is back to normal. My goodness, this past winter, we ran the heater almost everyday because it was so cold and our electric reflected that fact! Anyways, my trip to CVS, I had no problems except for the CVS coupons would not scan, however, the cashier entered them in manually without making a fuss.

Nexium 14 ct $12.99
(2) Softsoap body wash $6.98
(2) Ziploc bags $6
Colgate toothbrush $3.99
Wonderful Pistachios $1

= $30.96

-$8 Nexium CVS coupon
-$2 Nexium
-$2 off $6 Softsoap CVS coupon
(2) -$.75 Softsoap BW
-$1.50 off Food Storage CVS coupon
-$1 off 2 Ziploc bags
-$2 off Colgate toothbrush SS 5/7
-$12.50 in Extra Bucks

= $.46

Got Back $6.50 ECBs – $1 Colgate, $2 Ziploc, $3.50 Softsoap
Earned $4 Nexium Savingstar – (2) $1 and $2 rebates
Earned $.75 Ziploc bags Checkout 51

Stopped by another CVS and did the following quick transaction with a $5 Beauty Bucks:

Gray Away $8.99
Got2B glue travel/trial size $2.87

= $11.86

-$.87 CVS 30% off coupon
-$3 Everpro Gray Away CVS coupon
-$1 Everpro Gray Away RP 4/30
-$5 Beauty Bucks

= $1.99

Got Back $4 ECB
Earned $1.50 Gray Away Ibotta rebate
Possibly Earn $2 Got2b Savingstar rebate


My Trip to CVS (4/16)

OMG, I should have gone to CVS later in the afternoon because I didn’t realize that I had picked up the Corn Pop cereal which was not on sale. I knew when the cashier told me the total that something did not ring up correctly and it was the cereal. 🙁 I could have taken the cereal back but there was a long line and I just took the lost. 🙁 The Chez-Its were only $.25 each after coupons and I am making a gift basket which I hope to take a picture when I have it pretty much complete.

Hefty trash bags $6.99
(2) Revlon nail polish $9.98
(2) Chez-Its crackers $4
Apple Jacks cereal $1.88
Corn Pops cereal $4.99

= $27.84

-$2 Trash bags CVS coupon
-$1.50 Hefty trash bags coupon (NLA)
-$5 off $7 any Revlon Eye, Nail or Foot Tool CVS coupon
(2) $1 off Chez-Its (850 pts) coupon
-$1.50 off Cookies or Crackers
(2) -$1 Kellogg’s cereal (850) coupon
-$7 in Extra Bucks

= $6.84

Got Back $6 Extra Bucks
Got Back $1.80 Ibotta rebates


My Trip to CVS (4/9)

I actually got out early on Sunday something that I had not done in a long time. I went to one of my favorite CVS stores but there was a new cashier there and she was the only one working the register. She was middle aged so I already knew that she was going to read line-for-line of each coupon. She wouldn’t scan the $3 Tide/Gain coupon saying that it had to be for the larger count pods, I asked her to remove the Gain from my order and then she didn’t want to take the $1/$4 cereal CVS coupon, no problem.

I kinda screwed up the Glade, Pledge, Shout, Ziploc deal because I thought the Pledge was $2.99 instead of $5…my transaction still turn out to be a Money Maker!

I also stop by another of my favorite CVS stores and got the Gain Flings and another the Calendula burn cream…this was on my second card.

2 General Mills cereal $3.76
Calendula first aid cream $8.49
4 Mento NowMints $4
Orbit gum $1
Gain Flings pods $3.94
4 Glade spray $4
4 Glade solids $4
1 Pledge $5
1 Scrubbing bubbles bath $2.99

= $37.18

(2) -$1 General Mills cereal
-$3 Calenda coupon
(2) -$2.49 B1G1 Mentos NowMints coupon (NLA) or SS 03/26
-$3 Tide/Gain pods coupon (NLA) or PG 04/02 (exp 4/15)
(2) -$1 B3G1 FREE Glade coupon
-$1 Air Freshener CVS coupon
-$.50 Pledge SS 3/12
-$1 Surface cleaner CVS coupon
-$1 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon
-$9 in Extra Bucks

= $9.70

Got Back $7 – $1 gum and $6 Candula
Got Back $3 Calendula Ibotta
Got Back $2 Glade spray and solids Checkout51
Got Back $2 Mentos NowMints
Earned $2 Glade spray and solids Savingstar rebate
Earned $1 General Mills cereal Savingstar rebate


My Trip to CVS (4/2)

This was a super simple transaction and I did this transaction exactly as I described and I got myself some FREE Hershey’s Kisses!  Both coupon scanned flawlessly without any beeps. 🙂


My Trips to CVS, Ralphs, Target & Vons

One of my CVS cards I have been wanting to retire since I no longer get the Thursday emails on that card, however, I still had $2.99 Extra Bucks on that card which is perfect for the General Mills cereal 8.9-13 oz $1.88.  I bought 2 cereal and paid $.77 out of pocket and I will get back $1 Savingstar rebate.

I stopped by Ralphs to take advantage to the $5 off $15 FRESH Meat coupon and $5 off $75 Purchase coupon since both coupons stack along with the Friday freebies. In fact, the store had the FREE salsa and cup of noodles at the front of the store!

I then went to Vons for the cheap orange juice, FREE American Beauty pasta and FREE Teddy Soft Baked on my second card.  I added the extra Teddy Bakes just to show that I had did the deal twice! 🙂

I also went to Target to get the FREE Trident gum.  The Trident gum at $.99 even without coupons but with just the  50% off Target Cartwheel coupon and the 25% off Candy Target coupon (text candy to 827-439) makes the Trident absolutely FREE.  However, I only found one coupon peelie on one of my packs gum and the young male cashier was kind enough to scan that one peelie three times since he said that I had bought all the same gum!


My Trip to CVS & Target

I stopped by Target first for what I initially thought was going to be FREE Trident gum but as I was looking at the gum selection at each register, I noticed that almost all the Trident gum had a $.50 peelie coupon on each pack which essentially made buying 3 packs of gum a $1.53 Money Maker!!  Also picked up the Teddy Grahams for a $1 and submitted for a $1 Checkout 51 rebate and the FREE Purell hand sanitizer.

I actually got a late start on Sunday morning because I kinda woke up late.  I must have printed the very last $.50 Tic Tac coupons on Smart Source because as I was just about to post about the coupon, I noticed that coupon was completely gone from the pull down menu.

Believe it or not, CVS actually sent me via USPS  a $3 Extra Bucks which I used on my CVS trip is down below:

(2) Scott bath tissue 13.99
Colgate mouthwash $3.99
(1) Tic Tac $1.77
(1) Tic Tac $.25

= $20

(2) -$.75 Scott bath tissue coupon (NLA)
-$2 off $11 bath tissue CVS coupon
-$2 off Colgate mouthwash coupon (NLA)
-$1 off any Mouthwash CVS coupon
(2) $.50 off Tic Tac coupon (NLA)
-$10 in Extra Bucks

= $2.50

Got Back $7 in Extra Bucks

Got Back $1 Tic Ibotta rebates
Got Back $.50 Scott bath tissue Checkout 51 rebate