My Trip to CVS and Rite Aid

My trip to Rite Aid was super simple as I picked up the 5 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal but I got an unexpected surprise, as I received a $2.50 catalina which made my trip a Money Maker!

I then went to CVS and the first store I went to had the mascara and Persil detergent which was FREE after the Savingstar rebate.  The second store was wiped out of the Persil but I did get the Maybelline for $.99 after Extra Bucks!



My Trip to CVS

I love how the colors of the picture just melds together and minus the paper towels, everything in the picture can be one nice beauty basket for someone special on your list for Christmas!

I had a couple of expiring Extra Bucks but they would not be expiring until the end of the week but I wanted the new $1.99 Covergirl Peacock mascara, I walked towards the beauty aisle and bam, there was a shelf full of the glitch Essence of Beauty body mist.  Initially, I only got three of them and then I went back and got another three which made my total of the EOB mist 6.  I didn’t clear any shelves, there probably was still another 20+ left on the shelf.

What’s interesting about this trip is that I had two more P&G coupons come off on my receipt and thankfully, I filler items to absorb the overage.  Another thing about this trip is that the cashier did not ring up Viva paper towels.

(6) Essence of Beauty body mist $0.00
(1) Viva paper towels $0.00
(1) L’Oreal shampoo $4
(1) L’Oreal Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray $4
(3) Garnier face sheet mask $11.97
(1) Gummy bears $2
(1) Sensodyne toothpaste trial size $2.09

= $24.06

-$4 off 2 L’oreal hair care RP 10/22
-$2.50 off Fixodent L2C
-$2 off Olay L2C
-$2.09 off Sensodyne CVS coupon
-$10 in Extra Bucks

= $3.47

Got Back $6 ECBs
Got Back $2 Ibotta


My Quick Trip to CVS

Yesterday, I had my FREE $2 Extra Bucks expiring on 10/31 plus a $5 Extra Bucks expiring on Wednesday so after work, I stopped by my local CVS  and surprisingly enough, the store was not crowded which is rare because the store is right off the freeway but since it was Halloween, parents did not have time to be stopping by CVS so win for me!

Anyways, I needed to roll my Extra Bucks as much a I could since in the month will be Black Friday week at CVS.  I decided to get the Colgate Sensitive toothpaste $3.99 get $4 Extra Bucks (limit 2).

I bought 2 of the Colgate Sensitive toothpaste $7.98 but the register would not take the $2 Extra Bucks but I still ended up paying $.98.

It turns out that the $2 Wash Scent Booster coupon came off on my receipt which is why the register wouldn’t take the $2 ECB.  I turned around and ran and got two Snapples.

It was probably a fluke that the Scent Booster came off on my receipt since the Booster is a P&G company and the toothpaste is a Palmolive company.


My Trip to CVS & Rite Aid

I left home on Sunday at exactly 8 o’clock so that I could get to CVS before everyone could snatch up the Snapple. I have two cards so I did a transaction at two different stores. Both stores did not have the Febreze One or the refill on the shelf and I asked the cashier about it and he said that it should be on the shelf by Thursday.

Card #1, I had $10 in Extra Bucks that would expire later, this week, so I got the Snapple and the Scott toilet paper. I had a $2 off 2 Scott bath tissue Load2Card and I paid $3.86 and got back $1 ECB.  Yes, I submitted for the $.50 Snapple Ibotta offers…and I hope it resets again!

Card #2, I had a $4 and $2 Maybelline CVS coupons so I got the Snapple and the mascaras and I paid $.81 and I got back $7 Ecbs.

At Rite Aid, I had the FREE Dove Men+Care dry spray Rite Aid coupon and the coupon expires 10/31. No signage up but the purchase counted for a Dove Monthly deal Buy $12 get $3 PP, the dry spray is not shown in this weeks ad. I also got the FREE Remfresh.


My Trip to CVS

I had one $.75 Extra Bucks expiring today and I used the Extra Bucks to pay for a filler item. My purchase of today’s beauty items qualified me for a FREE $3 Extra Bucks from the CVS Beauty Club.

(1) Lorna Doon cookies $.99
(1) Nivea Silk Mousse $4.99
(1) Maybelline eyeshadow $4.19
(1) Maybelline Great Lash mascara $5.99

= $16.16

-$3 Nivea Silk Mousse body wash CVS coupon
$2 off NIVEA Silk Mousse Body Wash coupon
-$4 off Maybelline or Revlon CVS coupon (printed last week)
-$2 off Maybelline cosmetics printed today (10/10)
(2) -$2 off Maybelline cosmetics coupon (look at my post below)
-$.75 Extra Bucks

= $.41

Got Back $5 Extra Bucks
Earned $3 Beauty Bucks
Earned $3 Savingstar rebate