My Trip to Rite Aid and CVS

I went to CVS to roll $4 in Extra Bucks, I bought the two Colgate toothpaste which enabled me to roll my Extra Bucks!  A quick and easy transaction.

I went into my nearest Rite Aid which is the store I typically go to on a weekly basis, they store is in the mist of a renovation and as I walking around the store, I did notice that I did not see the store manager on the floor nor did I see any other manger out and about in the store.

Anyways, I get up to the register with my three B1G1 Tic Tac coupons and a new girl on the register is like “I cannot take a reproduced coupon.” and I’m like it’s not reproduced, if you look at the top right of the coupon they have unique numbers.”  So, then she says “I’m so confused about coupons. I got to call the manager.”  Somehow another new guy comes over (he started last week) and I am like where is the manger?  They both rush away with a coupon in their hands and I am not a happy camper.  They were gone for like a good five minutes and he says “we can’t take this coupon.”

I was like “Lets cancel the transaction and you give me back my coupon…and I’ll call the manager in the morning.”

I went to another Rite Aid in Hillcrest and I had no problems with the transaction.  All coupons scanned as expected.

A very similar thing happened to me at Whole Foods for the Tres Latin Pupusas deal.  The cashier initially began to read the coupons that I gave to her without scanning the coupons.  Then she came with the “I can’t take all these coupons” crap.

Me:  Why? (Cashier and baggers eyes widened and mouths flew open)

Cashier:  Ummmm #@%%u99***&^ (says something unintelligible)

Me:  Can you go ask the manger why you cannot take the coupons?

Cashier: Let me try to scan them.

Miraculously, the coupons scanned.  When I was younger, I worked retailed and my number one priority was to get people through my line without allot drama.  I knew even back then, that I had no plans to make a life career being in retail.  Every retail job I ever worked, I ended up quitting – the customers are mean, as well as, the managers.  This is the reason most of the time when things go wrong when I am couponing, I don’t act ugly, I just tell them to cancel the transaction or take the item off my transaction.  No fuss, no muss.




My Trip to CVS and Rite Aid

I went to Rite Aid to return the items from last week’s Rite Aid trip and what was so nice is that I got back full credit on the items including the coupons used!  Anyways, I  had a $3.50 targeted Centrum Rite Aid coupon plus the $4 Centrum coupon (it beeped) and I picked up the Vitamints ($4 coupon beeped) that had a $1 Rite Aid freshness coupons which made both items FREE plus a little bit of a Money Maker.

I also went down the Seasonal aisle to see what they had left on the summer clearance items, and I found the LED lanterns for $3.74 each!!!  Our lights went out a few times, this past winter, so the lanterns are perfect for when the lights go out.

I then went to CVS where I had a $3 Persil Power Paks CVS coupon in my accounts and a $1.50 off 3 Mars candy singles.  I used the $3 CVS coupon and the $2 MFQ and they both scanned no problems, however, I must add a caveat because I forgot my Extra Bucks at home and so I used cash to pay.  I did the Persil, candy and mouthwash on two separate cards.The Persil and the mouthwash were Money Makers.  The M&Ms Crispers were on clearance for $.31 each and I wanted to see if they would produce the $$.75 Extra Bucks but they did not but the Snickers and Twix did produced the Extra Bucks!



My Trip to CVS

I spent way too much time in CVS on Sunday and that is because they had remodeled their store and changed they layout.  Anyways, I had an expiring $10 Extra Bucks and this week was the perfect time to roll my Extra Bucks.

(1) Calendula cream $8.49
(2) Dole fruit cups $3.98
(1) Revlon nail color $6.99

= 19.46

-$3 Calendula coupon
-$1/2 Dole fruit cups SS 7/30
-$3 Revlon cosmetics CVS coupon
-$10 ECB

= $2.46

Earned $3 Beauty Bucks for the Revlon

Got Back $10 ECB – $6 Calendula and $4 Revlon

Got Back $1.50 Ibotta rebate for the Dole fruit cups


My Trip to CVS, Target and Walgreens

Although, the picture above may not seem like much but I saved a ton on things that we ordinarily use on a daily basis.  Walgreens has the Dixie paper plates on BOGO FREE sale and after coupons and Savingstar rebate, they are only $.9o each! The BIC Velocity mechanical pencils were only $0.04 after coupon.

Target sells the Puffs facial tissues for $1.49 after $.25 coupon and the Savingstar and Checkout 51 rebates, the tissues were FREE.

One of my CVS cards, I have no Extra Bucks which also happens to be the card that I had I had not redeemed the Dial foam hand soap for the Savingstar rebate.  I wanted to see if the the $1/2 Dial foam hand soap digital coupon would come off on my receipt and it did.  So, after digital coupon, rebate and Extra Bucks, the hand soap were FREE!


My Trip to CVS

My transaction below was perfect for me because I had $16 in expiring Extra Bucks and with the muggy weather, we needed the water.  I am making a gift basket/bag for a pre-teen girl and the candy will go to Miss Miley and I just roll my Extra Bucks into cash with the Right Guard Savingstar rebate!

Right Guard dry spray $6.99
Right Guard dry spring $3.49 (BOGO50)
(3) Candy $3
(2) Arrowhead Water 24 pk $6.66 (+ $2.40 CRV)

= $22.54

(2) -$2 off Right Guard Xtreme Precision dry spray, excl Sport, RP 07/16
-$16 in Extra Bucks

= $2.54

Got Back $5 ECBs
Earned $4.99 Savingstar rebate