My Trip to CVS (1/27) ๐Ÿ’„

The Revlon Ibotta offers reset so I decided to use my second CVS card which is my oldest card and it’s the card that my son uses when he runs into his nearest CVS store. I am working on the $5 Weekend Warrior + $5 Halftime bonuses and as the Revlon Ibotta offers reset, I pulled out my second CVS card.

Revlon setting powder $11.99
Revlon lip crayon (BOGO50%)
Revlon mascara $10.49
Revlon Kiss lip balm $5.99 (BOGO50%)

-$6/$30 digital
-$5 off Revlon
-$3 Revlon lip digital
-$3 Revlon eye digital
-$4 face lip digital
-$0.44 Extra Bucks

= $10.02

Got back $13 Extra Bucks

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My Quick Trip to CVS๐Ÿ’„

After going to Ross for the $0.49 Red Tag Sale, I stopped by CVS to do the Money Maker Revlon Cosmetics deal and this deal was even an Money Maker for me living in expensive San Diego where our prices are just high for no good reason. Almost every item pictured above is $2 higher than the Money Maker Revlon Cosmetics post except for the eye pencil which was $1 higher.

All that being said, before tax, I paid $6.28 and I got back $15 from Ibotta ($11 Revlon, $1 Revlon bonus and $3 Field Gold Ibotta Bonus). Even including my $2 in taxes, I still way ahead of the game.

Keep in mind that I had a $5 off $20 Revlon cosmetics coupon that stacked with the $5 off Revlon cosmetics printing from the Redbox and I had all the Revlon digital listed in the original post, plus my Ibotta offers was for a higher amount than in the original post.

I will not be participating in the $5 Midweek Money Maker Bonus because I wasn’t able to unlock the Ibottaโ€™s Super Bowl Feast $20.84 even though I got my son signed up for Ibotta and we got him the $4.49 Red Baron or Freschetta Pizza Ibotta rebateย and submitted the receipt! My son got all the freebie offers, I did not ๐Ÿ™ Plus, for me, 18 rebates is just too many rebates for me to redeem unless there are some really awesome deals to be had.


A reader, Nick, let us know that he’d found CVS Brand Melatonin for $0.99 and other letter vitamins.

I found the following CVS Brand vitamins and supplements tagged for $0.99 but I only took pictures of the tagged that still had stock available on the shelf, go to your stores to grab this awesome deals on vitamins:

Melatonin 5mg 120 ct $0.99 (Sleep Aid)

Zinc 50 mg 100ct (Immune Health)

Vitamin D3 50 mcg 100 ct (Immune Health)

Vitamin D3 10 mcg (400 IU) 100 ct (Bone Health)

Folic Acid 800 mcg 100 ct (Heart Health/Reproduction)

B12 1000 mcg 60 ct (Circulatory/Nerve Health)

I absolutely texted my family and friends about the deal so they can stock up on their vitamins! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks, Nick!

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My Quick Trip to CVS

I was super excited when Kerri left a comment about the Aveeno Deal at CVS because I was in need of a light facial moisturizer and it gave me an opportunity to roll my Extra Bucks into a $10 Amazon gift card AND get back a $10 Extra Bucks AND knock out a couple of Ibotta rebates (I won’t submit my receipt until tomorrow).

Surprisingly, the online prices for the Aveeno and the store price were the same so my scenario worked as expected.

I submitted my receipt for the $10 Care Club Rebate (limit 3) and just as Kerri said, I received confirmation that my receipt had been accepted with a link to choose a rewards.

I did just like Kerri and selected the Virtual Visa so that I could get a $10 Amazon gift card.

Recently, spending time with my brothers, I know exactly what I will be getting them for Christmas from Amazon!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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My Trip to CVS (Colgate toothpaste)

I checked the CVS app to see if the Colgate Optic White was in stock and to my surprise, the toothpaste was restocked at my nearest CVS. I quickly jumped into my car at 7 p.m. and drove around the corner to CVS, went inside and grabbed the toothpaste and Lumify eyedrops.

If you have eye redness from allergies or you are tired or you didn’t sleep well, you should get the Lumify eyedrops, they work almost immediately, within 2 minutes, your eyes will look amazing.

However, the Lumify is pricey and I made my own ย deal for the Lumify almost out of thin air!

My original CVS account has been sitting without being used for most of this year. However, I do go in and activate the digital coupons and I noticed that I had a FREE $2 Extra Bucks on the account. My son uses the account to buy whatever he buys and there was like $0.11 in Extra Bucks, too. Plus, there was a 35% off any Single Item.

I wrote about the FREE + $2 Money Maker Select Colgate Optic White toothpaste so I did submit my receipt to for the $2 for the toothpaste and so my final price for the Lumify is $5.39 from $15.49!!!!!! I’ll take it!!!