My Trips to CVS, Ralphs, Target & Vons

One of my CVS cards I have been wanting to retire since I no longer get the Thursday emails on that card, however, I still had $2.99 Extra Bucks on that card which is perfect for the General Mills cereal 8.9-13 oz $1.88.  I bought 2 cereal and paid $.77 out of pocket and I will get back $1 Savingstar rebate.

I stopped by Ralphs to take advantage to the $5 off $15 FRESH Meat coupon and $5 off $75 Purchase coupon since both coupons stack along with the Friday freebies. In fact, the store had the FREE salsa and cup of noodles at the front of the store!

I then went to Vons for the cheap orange juice, FREE American Beauty pasta and FREE Teddy Soft Baked on my second card.  I added the extra Teddy Bakes just to show that I had did the deal twice! 🙂

I also went to Target to get the FREE Trident gum.  The Trident gum at $.99 even without coupons but with just the  50% off Target Cartwheel coupon and the 25% off Candy Target coupon (text candy to 827-439) makes the Trident absolutely FREE.  However, I only found one coupon peelie on one of my packs gum and the young male cashier was kind enough to scan that one peelie three times since he said that I had bought all the same gum!


My Trip to CVS & Target

I stopped by Target first for what I initially thought was going to be FREE Trident gum but as I was looking at the gum selection at each register, I noticed that almost all the Trident gum had a $.50 peelie coupon on each pack which essentially made buying 3 packs of gum a $1.53 Money Maker!!  Also picked up the Teddy Grahams for a $1 and submitted for a $1 Checkout 51 rebate and the FREE Purell hand sanitizer.

I actually got a late start on Sunday morning because I kinda woke up late.  I must have printed the very last $.50 Tic Tac coupons on Smart Source because as I was just about to post about the coupon, I noticed that coupon was completely gone from the pull down menu.

Believe it or not, CVS actually sent me via USPS  a $3 Extra Bucks which I used on my CVS trip is down below:

(2) Scott bath tissue 13.99
Colgate mouthwash $3.99
(1) Tic Tac $1.77
(1) Tic Tac $.25

= $20

(2) -$.75 Scott bath tissue coupon (NLA)
-$2 off $11 bath tissue CVS coupon
-$2 off Colgate mouthwash coupon (NLA)
-$1 off any Mouthwash CVS coupon
(2) $.50 off Tic Tac coupon (NLA)
-$10 in Extra Bucks

= $2.50

Got Back $7 in Extra Bucks

Got Back $1 Tic Ibotta rebates
Got Back $.50 Scott bath tissue Checkout 51 rebate


My Trip to CVS (2/26)

I did two separate transactions on two different cards.  The card that I have been using for the last two years has stop getting the Thursday emails but I had $6 in Extra Bucks that was about to expire in a couple of days.  Therefore, I wanted to spend up those Extra Bucks and retire that card.

Transaction #1

1 Got2b styler $4.99
-$2 off Got2b styler CVS coupon
-$2 off Got2b styler coupon (NLA)

Got Back $2 Extra Bucks
Earned $2 Savingstar rebate

Transactions #2 (card set for retirement)

2 Renuzit $1.98
1 Got2b styler $4.99
1 Hershey’s candy bar $.99

= $7.96

-$2 Got2b styler coupon (NLA)
-$5.96 in Extra Bucks

Got Back $2 Extra Bucks
Earned $2 Got2b Savingstar rebate
Earned $1.50 Renuzit Savingstar rebate


My Trip to CVS

I have been using my original CVS card because it has been getting better coupons and this is the card that got the $3 Birthday Extra Bucks. I didn’t have any other Extra Bucks for the card so I used the Vanilla Visa prepaid card that we got from Rite Aid to pay for this transaction!

I am hoping that the $1 Chobani drink 10 oz Ibotta rebate comes back since it was absolutely FREE so I can finish off the Ibotta February Boost which is why I added the Tic Tacs to the transaction. Dang, the Tic Tacs are expensive at CVS.

2 Scott paper towels $10.98
2 Scott bath tissue $13.76
2 Nutella to go $2
1 Tic Tac Orange $1.77
1 Tic Tac Fruit Adventures $1.77

= $30.28

-$5 off $25 CVS coupon
-$2 off Paper towels CVS coupon
(2) -$.55 Scott paper towels coupon
(2) -$.55 Scott bath tissues coupon
-$3 Extra Bucks

= $18.08

Got Back $5 Extra Bucks
Got back $2 Scott papers towels Checkout 51 rebate
Got Back $2 Scott bath tissues Check out 51 rebate
Got Back $1 Tic Tac rebate


My Trip to CVS (2/5)

Last week, CVS was kind enough to give me an $8 any Nexium CVS coupon and coupon expired on Sunday (2/5). Believe it or not, after getting rid of like 99% of the hair care we had back in November…we were getting low on hair care products so this deal actually came in handy!

(2) Garnier shampoo and conditioner $7
Garnier styler $3.79
Nexium 14 ct $12.99

= $23.78

(2) -$2 Garnier coupon
-$2 Garnier styler coupon
-$1 Nexium coupon
-$8 Nexium CVS coupon
-$6 in Extra Bucks

= $2.78

Got Back $3 Extra Bucks

Earned $2 Nexium Savingstar rebate
Earned $2 Garnier Styler Savingstar rebate


My Trip to CVS (1/29)

(2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $4
(2) Great Lash mascara $11.98
(2) Ban deodorant $7.98

= $23.96

-$1 off 2 General Mills coupon
(2) -$3 Maybelline mascara RP#1 1/29
(2) -$1 Ban SS 1/29
-$12.75 in Extra Bucks

= $2.21

Got Back $6 in ECBs – $1 cereal, and $5 Maybelline

Earned $1 Savingstar and $3 Maybelline


My Trip to CVS (1/8)

I went to CVS and there was no Angel Soft bath tissue anywhere in the store so I assume that the store didn’t get any Angel Soft. The $1 Northern bath tissue coupon didn’t match the bath tissue sold at CVS. But it’s all good because I have Extra Bucks!  The bath tissue and the paper towels are not in the picture because they got put away before I had a chance to take the pic!

(2) Quilted Northern bath tissue $10
Brawny paper towels $5
(6) Renuzit cones $5.28

= $20.58

-$1.50/$5 Air Fresheners CVS coupon
-$2.20 Renuzit cones
-$15 in Extra Bucks

= $1.88

Got Back $5 Extra Bucks
Earned $2.20 Savingstar rebate for Renuzit