My Trip to Rite Aid & CVS

On Sunday, I was so tired from waking up early for the Savingstar rebates that I took a long afternoon nap!

It’s the second week of the wellness+Bonus Cash and I am still just as confused about the program as when we first learned about it in early December.  If I tell the cashier, yes, I want to use my points/Bonus Cash, the register will use the points/Bonus Cash first and in my case, on my first transaction, I was unable to use my coupons because $1  & $2 Load2Card came off and my out of pocket was like $2.83. Ugghhhhhh.

I did the exact transaction – Advil PM caplets 80 ct and Thermacare – at a different store and different card, and they cashier automatically knew to scan the coupons and then the points/BC came off and my out of pocket before tax was $.78.

I am so used to how Plenti Points worked, I have just got to get my mind adjusted to the new program.

On both of my CVS cards, I had the $1.50 off $5 Renuzit CVS coupon so it was a quick Money Maker.  I had an expiring $3 Beauty Bucks on one card so I bought Christmas Clearance Rudolf the Reindeer with throw and I forgot to take a picture of that because I had already put it away for a gift for next year!


My Trip to CVS

This was a super simple transaction, although, I was unable to find the Physicians Formula gift set but I know another store that carries the gift set so I’ll stop by that store and get the gift set on my other card.  Another thing that I wanted to test out is that I had read that the CVS coupons that prints out from the Coupon Center will not beep up to 2 days after the expiration date.  I used two CVS coupons that had expired on Saturday and they scanned without a peep!

I went to two different CVS stores to do the Hershey’s Cookie Layers Crunch deal on two different cards.  I went to a CVS I typically don’t go to but as I was making a Walmart pick up, I went to that CVS and there was me and another girl, who I assume was a new couponer because she was fooling around with her coupons.  I wished that she had of read my post, CVS: Use the Printable B1G1 Cookie Layer Crunch Coupon because when the cashier rang up her order, the newbie asked “Why didn’t the B1G1 FREE coupon didn’t come off?” Keep in mind that this was a very coupon friendly cashier and the cashier nicely asked to void her transaction so she could ring up my order and then they could go through her transaction together.

This is how I find coupon friendly stores by stopping by stores that I don’t normally go to.

My cashier flubbed up my transaction by only charging me for one Hershey’s kisses! I was wondering why the $5 off $25 CVS coupon did not come off on my receipt. This is another store that I visited that is also coupon friendly and my transaction looked as follows:

2 Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe $3.99
2 Hershey’s Cookie Layers Crunch $6
1 Physicians Formula mascara $10.49
1 Altoids $2
1 Purex $2.99
2 General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch $3.98

= $29.45

-$1 off $5 Candy Chocolate CVS coupon (exp. 12/16)
-$1 off 2 Brookside pouches 5-7oz/ Hershey ‘s Cookie Crunch 6.30 oz
-$3.99 B1G1 FREE Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch Pouch (up to $3.99) coupon
-$4 Physicians Formula SS 12/10
-$1.50 off Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent coupon
(2) -$1 General Mills cereal coupon peelie
-$1 off 2 Cereal CVS coupon (exp. 12/16)
-$12 CVS Cash Card and ECBs

= $2.96

Got Back $11.50 in ECBs
Earned $1 Savingstar for the cereal

This transaction would have been a slight Money Maker if the cashier had of charged me for the Kisses! Oh well.


My Bath & Body Works Trip + CVS (12/2)

I had Bath & Body Works gift cards which I want to say that I got from Vons or Ralphs back when they had good gift card deals, I had plan to use the gift cards last year but the cashier pissed me off and I ended walking out of the store without buying a thing.  I will not give a company my hard earned money for bad service.

This go around, the Bath & Body Works store was busy but everything was flowing and the employees were nice and friendly.

However, I had no plans of going overboard with my purchases.  I bought 2 candles – Winter Sage and Champagne Glitter, as well as, a candle holder.

I had no out of pocket and the cashier gave me the amount left on the card back in cash!

Also, on Saturday, I went to CVS to do the Rohto deal and Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe using the $10 off 40 CVS coupon.  My inserts did not come with the $5 Rohto coupons but I knew it was still like a $9 Money Maker deal which is good enough for me!  I used Extra Bucks, coupons and gift cards and once again, the cashier gave me the amount that was left on the gift card back in cash!


My Trip to Rite Aid & CVS

Because I knew it was going to be hot as all get out on Thanksgiving, I knew that I needed to get to Rite Aid at 8 a.m. for the $1.75 Big Win bottled water and I want to say that there was only 8 packs of water when I walked into the store.  However, I could see that there was a whole shelf with just the tags up that was completely cleared.  It could have been that just had not put the water out yet.

Only (1) of the $2 Hello coupons scanned but the $2 Max Freeze had to be manually entered into the register.  I got back all of the points that I expected and I submitted my receipt for the Hello toothpaste Checkout 51 rebates and I was credited!

I completely forgot that there was a Ibotta had a limit of 5 on the GE lights.  I’ll buy another and keep my fingers crossed that the rebate will come back.  I also got a $5 off $25 catalina.

CVS was super easy because all the coupons scanned without a problem.  The manager rung me up  and she didn’t max out the value on the B1G1 Free 3 Musketeer coupon (NLA)  so I just got all four candy bars free after coupons.  I will also get back a $1 Savingstar rebate for the cereal.

I also picked up the memory foam slippers at $4.88 each as Christmas/birthday gifts and using my Extra Bucks to pay for them.  I few weeks ago, I had gotten my mom pajamas on the cheap from Kmart and the slippers will be perfect with the pajamas!  The other pair of slippers will go to one of the males on my gift list.




My Trip to CVS

I am STILL recovering from my nasty cold, it just keeping hanging on and how I was to do this large transaction without really screwing it up, I do not know. I did catch a lucky break because the cashier entered the BOGO Right guard coupon at the max value of $4.99!!! I finally got a $10 CVS Cash Card!!!

Kit Kat bar $.77
Trolli candy $1.99
(2) Snapple $2.10 (incl CRV)
CeraVe moisturizer $15.99
CeraVe moisturizer $16.49
CeraVe cleansing wipes $9.69
(6) Right Guard deodorants $20.94
Brawny paper towels $5
Tide pods $4.94

= $77.91

-$15 off $40 Facial Care CVS coupon
(3) -$5 CeraVe product SS 11/19
-$2 OFF $8 Deodorant CVS coupon
(3) -$4.99 B1G1 Free Right Guard RP 11/19 or printable or digital coupon (-$14.97)
-$1 Brawny paper towels SS 11/19
-$2 Tide pods digital coupon
-$25 in Extra Bucks

= $2.94

Got Back $13.76 ECBs
Got Back $10 CVS Cash Card
Earned (2) $3 Beauty Bucks
Earned $3 Savingstar – $2 Right Guard and $1 Brawny