My Trip to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Etc.

I was a busy bee but I have already posted the deals that you see in the picture.  I got the Persil at CVS, Irish Spring at Walgreens, Revlon lipsticks at Rite Aid, the Talenti at Albertsons and I forgot to add the La Victoria at Vons.


My Trip to CVS

On Sundays, I always check my CVS account to see what CVS coupons that I can stack with manufacture coupons and I had a $1 off $5 Mouthwash CVS coupon and a $2 off $8 Vitamins CVS coupon!!!  The thing that really kind of irked me is the fact that the $4 One A Day Nature’s Medley Multivitamin did not come inside my Retail Me Not (Red Plum) coupon insert, however, I was grateful that we had the $4 off One A Day Nature’s Medley Multivitamin printable coupon.

I also had an expiring $8 ECB and I needed some bottled water! I didn’t really the mouthwash but I needed to roll my ECB as good as I could because the CVS Black Friday sale is like 10 weeks away.

(2) One A Day Nature’s Medley Multivitamin $8
(2) Crest Scope mouthwash $7.98
(1) Coke 20 oz $2.14 (incl CRV)
(1) Just the Basics bottled water 24 pk $3.69 (incl CRV)

= $21.81

-$2 off $8 Vitamins CVS coupon
(2) -$4 off One A Day Nature’s Medley IP
-$1 off $5 Mouthwash CVS coupon
-$1 off Crest mouthwash digital coupon
-$8 ECB

= $1.81

Got Back $6 ECB


My Trip to CVS

Initially, I wanted to go to CVS for the FREE Febreze but once I got into the store and I realized that the Swiffer Wet Jet solution was part of the promotion, I was like let me get some Swiffer products. However, I was $4.02 short of getting the $5 ECB but thank goodness, I have still have like $9 and change left on a CVS gift card and I can get another Swiffer Wet Jet solution since allot times, the product is not included in the sales promotion.

The Febreze was totally FREE after using digital coupons and the Swiffer was $3.99 after digital coupons.


My Trip to CVS

This was a super easy transaction, I posted about the Money Maker Rimmel eyeliners on Sunday, however, when I got in the store, they only had one eyeliner for $4.79 and so I grabbed a $6.99 mascara and it was still a Money Maker!  I also posted about the super cheap Persil laundry detergent.

After the cashier rung me up, he gave me a pink beauty bag.  The bag contained several beauty items and a couple of $1 manufacturer coupons but the thing that I loved the most that was in the beauty bag was the La Roche-Posay moisturizer, anti-shine and anti-enlarged pores cream!  I can’t wait to try it out.


My Trip to CVS

Early on Saturday morning, my blog was completely down and I submitted a ticket to my web host at 6:30 in the morning and I don’t think blog came back up until around 3:30 in the afternoon and I took that as a sign to enjoy my Saturday! Anyways, I knew that the Covergirl was going to be a Money Maker but what I didn’t know is that the $4/2 digital coupon would also come off on my receipt!

Trolli candy $2
(3) Covergirl brow pencils $14.37

= $16.37

(2) -$3 Covergirl printable coupon
-$4 off 2 Covergirl digital coupon
-$5 Extra Bucks

= $1.37

Got back $10 ECBs – $8 Covergirl and $2 Trolli