My Trip to CVS and Ralphs

I went into Ralphs first for the Canada Dry 2 liter deal and I was pleasantly surprised that they had the Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade and the Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Orange flavors as there are separate Ibotta rebates for flavors.

I was hoping that the Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal was on sale for $1.99 but that was not the case and my $1 coupon was expiring. The Kleenex coupons will never scan because they are never coded correctly but it’s still a great deal on the Kleenex.

2 Kleenex 3pk $8.98
Easter candy $0.99
Kellogg’s cereal $1.99
2 Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol 8.5 oz $4.98

= $16.94

-$0.74 Easter candy CVS coupon printed week of 3/10
-$1 off Kellogg’s cereal from Kellogg’s Family Rewards
-$3 off Listerine CVS coupon
-$12 in ECBs

= $0.20

Got Back $9.74 ECBS – $5 Kleenex, $.74 candy, $4 Listerine
Got Back (2) $0.75 IB rebates


My Trip to CVS

Ugggghhhhh, I messed up on the toothpaste but it still worked out because I did not have enough in my transaction to absorb the overage I would have had if the the toothpaste coupons came off, too. I should have gotten the Colgate Optic White as I originally had planned.

The buy Neutrogena facial get FREE Neutrogena wipes CVS coupon would not work on the multipack so I had them void both items off my receipt.

Some how I lost my receipt between going to CVS and Rite Aid so I’m going off my memory as to how my transaction went.  I also lost my 25% off Rite Aid coupon, too.  Thankfully, I can re-print the ECBs and the Rite Aid coupon.

(2) L’Oreal Elvive Rapid Reviver $11.98
(2) L’Oreal Elvive hair care $8
(2) Colgate Total $6.98
(1) Colgate mouthwash $3.99

= $30.95

(2) -$3 L’Oreal Elvive Rapid Reviver RMN 2/10
-$4/2 L’Oreal Elvive hair care RMN 2/10
-$3/2 L’Oreal Elvive digital coupon
-$5/2 L’Oreal hair care CVS coupon
-$4/$15 L’Oreal hair care CVS coupon
-$8 in ECBS

= $0.95

Got Back $6 in ECBS – $4 toothpaste and $2 mouthwash
Earned $3 Beauty Bucks (I was only $6 from a BB)


My Trip to CVS

I really had not planned on going to CVS on Sunday but then they emailed me a $2 off Beauty CVS coupon and a $5 off 2 L’Oreal hair care CVS coupon which will stack with my digital manufacturer coupons.  I also had a $5 off L’Oreal moisturizer CVS coupon  and a 40% L’Oreal facial care CVS coupon in my account which works for the L’Oreal facial wipes.

I also wanted to finish off the $2 Big Game Ibotta Bonus Rebate and there are the following Ibotta rebates:

$0.50 L’Oreal Elvive, limit 2, Ibotta rebate
$1 L’Oreal Elvive treatment, limit 2, Ibotta rebate
$1.50 L’Oreal skin care, limit 1, Ibotta rebate

As you can see by my receipt above, I paid $2.59 + tax and I got back a $5 Extra Bucks and $4.50 from Ibotta rebates plus $2 from the Ibotta bonus.

The 4 L’Oreal Elvive hair care was $16 and the L’Oreal facial wipes was $7.99.  Minus $14 in hair coupons and minus $7.40 in skin care coupons.

Not a bad trip for $6.91 Money Maker but I’m waiting for my receipt to be approved by Ibotta!


My Quick Trips to Ralphs and CVS

For whatever reason, the powers that be decided to do a remodel of the Ralphs store in Mission Valley like a week or two before Thanksgiving and it was a hot mess!  This is San Diego and when you decide to do store remodel and eliminate parking, there will be no good that comes of it because customer will go elsewhere to do there grocery shopping.  Anyways, that store is now a Ralphs Marketplace store and I’ve been looking to see see if they have the Noka organic smoothies for the Cash Back offers but I could not them.  I am assuming that the Noka would be found in the refrigerated section of the fruit and vegetable department.

I ended up getting the FREE Cacique Flavored Sour Cream and the FREE Sweet Baby Rays Hot Sauce 12oz (there’s a $1 off hang tag coupon that 6/30/2020) and inadvertently using the 10% off your next shopping trip coupon (no longer available) that Nick told us about.  I don’t how that 10% coupon was working but it took off my order $2.10 and my final price was $13.47.  It was all food items so taxes plus, I received a $1 catalina for buying 2 Bolthouse Farms salad dressing!

On Saturday, I received, in an email, a FREE $2 Extra Bucks…on both of my accounts.  The Nabisco cookies are on sale for $1 each and I bought 2 for $2 with tax!

This morning, I took my last Allegra pill so I decided to pick up the Allegra with my other card using the expired by a day $6 off $30 CVS coupon.  The store did not have the Allegra tagged for the Extra Bucks and of course, I picked up the one that did not generate an Extra Bucks.

However, I am getting a $4 Savingstar rebate so I did pretty good considering that the Allegra product that I pick was shelf priced at $30.79.


My Quick Trip to CVS

On Sunday, when I was looking at my CVS account, I noticed that I had two 40% off L’Oreal facial care CVS coupon but what I had forgotten is that I had already loaded a $5 off L’Oreal moisturizer CVS coupon and a $2 L’Oreal skin care digital coupon.  Plus, I had sent to my card a FREE $2 Extra Bucks.

Thankfully, when I purchased the L’Oreal cleansing wipes, it looks like the register used all the coupons that I had loaded to my card and elected not to use the $2 Extra Bucks, I ended up paying $0.35 plus the tax.

There is also a $1.50 L’Oreal skin care rebate and so I also submitted for the rebate to make the wipes FREE + Money Maker!