My Trip to CVS and Rite Aid

O.M.G., it was so hot, this past, weekend.  On Sunday, a friend and I were crying the blues about how hot it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Pretty much everything need to be done in the mornings because by the time 11 a.m. hit, it was just unbearable to walk from your car to any store because I’d be sweating like a pig and then once you got into the store, the air conditioner was only half working with the exception of Target, they had their air on full blast so that you leisurely walk through the store in comfort.  There was no cooking, we enjoyed dinner out!

I went to CVS to do the quick and easy Persil Money Maker and then I stopped by Rite Aid. I had not plan to do the Crest/Oral-B deals but my son was just complaining how he really didn’t like Listerine so I decided to pick up the Crest mouth wash since it was FREE and the FREE Snickers.  The manager rang me up and I had no problems with using the paper coupon, the digital coupon and the Bonus Cash.




My Trip to CVS

So, last week, I stopped by CVS and I bought three of the Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmers for $19.41 and I got back a $5 Extra Bucks.  I love the lip shimmers and I use them on a daily basis and I didn’t mind my actual out of pocket because my plan was to roll the $5 Extra Bucks into the St. Ives Body Wash deal at CVS.

I walked into CVS on Sunday and scanned my card at the Coupon Center and out pops a $3 Beauty Bucks which lessen my out of pocket.

(3) St. Ives body wash $14.97
-$2 off $6 Body Wash or Bar Soap, or any other Body Wash CVS coupon (from Coupon Center)
-$5 Extra Bucks
-$3 Beauty Bucks

= $4.97

Got Back $10 Extra Bucks

Earned (3) $1 Checkout 51 rebates


My Quick Trips to CVS & Rite Aid

Yesterday, I posted about the Money Maker Got2b styler and I had zero Extra Bucks because I spent them on the Gold Peak iced tea for the Ibotta rebates.  Whenever I can, I will roll any store rewards into cash via the rebates.  I do have a $10 CVS eGift Card but in this case, it didn’t make sense for me to use it since I use the gum to absorb the penny overage and get back a $0.99 Extra Bucks.

While I was out and about, I decided to stop by Rite Aid to get the G.E. light bulb since I had a $5 GE light bulb Rite Aid digital coupon and I had the $5 Bonus Cash from doing the Creamo body wash deal which means I had no out of pocket, got back $2 BC and I submitted for the $1 Ibotta rebate.


My Trip to CVS

I had no plans on going to CVS but then those Clairol hair printable coupons came out and what a great way to roll Extra Bucks into cash with rebates!  Keep in mind that I have a $10 CVS eGift Card from doing a SwagBucks deal a couple of months ago so I can go down to zero Extra Bucks and get back into CVS with my gift card.  I also had a $3 Beauty Bucks and a $10 Extra Bucks from the St. Ives deal, last week.

The Clairol hair colors are on sale this week for $6.99 and what is awesome is that I used the $6 off 2 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or Natural Instincts Hair Color coupon and the $3.50 off Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color coupon, a $3 Clairol digital coupon came off on my receipt, thereby, paying for my Pace Picante Sauce!!!  If I would have known that the digital coupon was going to come off on my receipt, I would gotten a candy bar or another food item to absorb the overage.


My Trip to CVS

Yesterday, I posted about the $4 Money Maker Garnier face mask deal at CVS and I had to go to CVS myself to see if that coupon would come off on my receipt before I posted the deal since I had not seen anything on social media about it.

Initially, my thoughts were to just do the Suave freebie deal to roll my expiring $5 Extra Bucks into $3 in cash via the IB rebate but then I decided to roll all of my Extra Bucks and I won’t have any expiring Extra Bucks until May!

Since, $6 off 2 Covergirl cosmetics coupon had reset on Sunday, I decided to do the Covergirl (buy 2 get $5 ECB) but I totally forgot about the $3 Covergirl printing from the Coupon Center.

However, I had already used the Funyons and the soda as filler items to use my Extra Bucks and I was kinda doing this transaction off the cuff so I was trying to keep my out of pocket as low as possible and due my low OOP, the $1 Suave DQ did not come off on my receipt.  The $6 off 2 Covergirl DQ (digital coupon) also came off on my receipt.

The Funyuns was a special request from a couple of weeks ago and they never go on sale and they literally the same price at grocery stores, Walmart and Target.

Oh, before I forget, the Suave hair spray did not qualify for the IB rebate and I used two separate cards to get the Funyuns!