This is how my CVS Trip went with PayPal

I needed something to eat since I had not eaten since yesterday and now, I can think more clearly.

As I had said in my Spend $20 get back $20 PayPal or Venmo Deal, I had used the camera on my phone and it asked me to open my PapPal and I followed the directions and I received confirmation shown above.

PayPal also sent me an email confirming the $20 off $20.

HOWEVER, what I didn’t realize is that you literally spend $20 or more and you get $20 off of your purchase when you go to pay.

When you go to pay, you have to tell the cashier that you are going to pay with PayPal and on the PayPal app, you click “Scan/Pay” on the bottom of the screen, it creates a QR and the cashier is to scan the QR code as your form of payment.

Since I was thinking, I’d get back $20, I purchased a Maybelline mascara, Maybelline Fitme face and Scott paper towels 12ct because I wanted the $2 Maybelline rebates and to finish the Spend $30 get $10 for the Scott/Cottonelle.

My total came to $27.44 and PayPal paid $20 and I paid $7.44 withdrawn from my PayPal card. You click on Recent Activities and it will show you the breakdown and the $20 Special offer used.

PayPal also deposited $10 into my PayPal account for shopping at CVS (YMMV)!

I spent $7.44 out of pocket (I did have a $5/$20 Maybelline coupon that came off on my receipt), I got back $10 ECB for the Scott/Cottonelle and $5 ECB for Maybelline, $4 Ibotta and $10 PayPal.

Keep in mind that I had previously purchased a Scott paper towel and Cottonelle so I just need one more paper product to get back the $10 ECB.

Again, you are supposed to be able to the same on your Venmo account.

On Instagram, it’s being reported that people of buying $20 gift cards (YMMV) and getting back $10 PayPal.


This morning, I went to CVS to pick up the FREE CVS Health 50ct Ibuprofen Tablets or Acetaminophen Caplets 50 ct and I decided to look around for the FREE Health-Ade Booch Pop which sells for $2.89.  Some are also finding the Booch Pop in the aisle that sells the Perrier canned drinks.  In addition, I also had a $0.25 any Item Bonus which covered the CRV and tax so check the Ibotta app for any Item bonus.

If you are in San Diego, I found these items at the North Park CVS, 805 & University.  I have completed the


My Trip to CVS

Yesterday, I’d posted that I’d received FREE $5  and $2 Extra Bucks from CVS and I had to use the $5 by Friday.

A reader, Cheryl, left a comment that CVS has the Beyond Meatballs on BOGO50% sale and there’s a $7.99/2 Beyond Meatballs, any variety, any size, Ibotta rebate offer.

The price of the Beyond Meatballs is regularly $7.99 and half off was $3.99.

I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by combining Shopkicks and grabbing the FREE Twix Bar.  I remembered to open the Shopkicks app while I was in store and got 10 points. I scanned the Beyond Meat Burgers for another 50 points but I forgot to scan the Twix for 25 points because I wasn’t minding my own business when the cashier next to self checkout told a customer that she had the wrong card for the Extra Bucks she was trying to use! 🤣 Anyways, when it was all said and done, I received back $0.94 for the Twix bar.

Also, I had a $3 off $12 Frozen Foods digital coupon come off my receipt, the FREE $5 Extra Bucks and I accidentally used the $3 BEAUTY Bucks instead of the expiring FREE $2 Extra Bucks … this is what happens when you don’t mind your own business because my out of pocket was $2 (I also accidentally pressed “yes” rounding up for some kind of donation which cost me $0.14!

Anyways, I am very happy with my CVS trip!


My Trip to CVS (11/24)

I found Hallmark Christmas money cards for 2/$4 or $2 each and I bought 3 and on my second card, I had $8 in Hallmark digital coupons but only a $4 off 3 came off on my receipt but I did receive the $3 Extra Bucks so it was a $1 Money Maker.  I will be sending out some gift cards to my family in Sacramento.

Last week, I was watching a YouTube Walmart shopping haul video and she found three of the Nautica Blue Ambition Body Spray for Men 6 oz on clearance for $2.50 each and she submitted her receipt to Ibotta and it qualified for the $2 Nautica body spray and $3 Nautica fragrance rebate offer, as well as, $2 Checkout 51 and $2 Swagbucks.

Roll forward to my CVS trip and CVS has the Nautica on 40% off sale.  The Nautica Blue Ambition Body Spray for Men 6 oz is regularly priced at $8.99 or $5.39 with the 40% off sale. I submitted my receipt to Ibotta got credited for $5, CO51 got credit for $2 and Swagbucks got credit for $2 so my $5.39 purchase got me back $9 and a $3.61 Money Maker and counts towards the CVS Beauty Club!!!

Not a bad trip.


My Trip to CVS (10/18)

This was a super simple transaction and I only paid tax and got back a $3 Extra Bucks!

I had a $3 off 2 Hallmark greetings card coupon but I bought 3 of the $0.99 Hallmark cards – Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I paid the tax and I got back $3 ECB making my transaction a Money Maker!!!  Yesterday, on YouTube, I saw a CVS Couponing Haul October 18th-24th 2020 and the girl said that there was a Hallmark deal buy 3 get $3 ECB and she’d bought the $0.99 cards.

The CVS ad says, buy any 3 get $3 ExtraBucks Rewards on Hallmark cards