My Trip to CVS (11/24)

I found Hallmark Christmas money cards for 2/$4 or $2 each and I bought 3 and on my second card, I had $8 in Hallmark digital coupons but only a $4 off 3 came off on my receipt but I did receive the $3 Extra Bucks so it was a $1 Money Maker.  I will be sending out some gift cards to my family in Sacramento.

Last week, I was watching a YouTube Walmart shopping haul video and she found three of the Nautica Blue Ambition Body Spray for Men 6 oz on clearance for $2.50 each and she submitted her receipt to Ibotta and it qualified for the $2 Nautica body spray and $3 Nautica fragrance rebate offer, as well as, $2 Checkout 51 and $2 Swagbucks.

Roll forward to my CVS trip and CVS has the Nautica on 40% off sale.  The Nautica Blue Ambition Body Spray for Men 6 oz is regularly priced at $8.99 or $5.39 with the 40% off sale. I submitted my receipt to Ibotta got credited for $5, CO51 got credit for $2 and Swagbucks got credit for $2 so my $5.39 purchase got me back $9 and a $3.61 Money Maker and counts towards the CVS Beauty Club!!!

Not a bad trip.


My Trip to CVS (10/18)

This was a super simple transaction and I only paid tax and got back a $3 Extra Bucks!

I had a $3 off 2 Hallmark greetings card coupon but I bought 3 of the $0.99 Hallmark cards – Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I paid the tax and I got back $3 ECB making my transaction a Money Maker!!!  Yesterday, on YouTube, I saw a CVS Couponing Haul October 18th-24th 2020 and the girl said that there was a Hallmark deal buy 3 get $3 ECB and she’d bought the $0.99 cards.

The CVS ad says, buy any 3 get $3 ExtraBucks Rewards on Hallmark cards


My Trip to CVS (10/11)

I’ve misplaced my receipt but I think it’s in the back of car but the good thing is if you for real loose your receipt, you can now send your Extra Bucks to card!

This was a super simple transaction.

$10.99 Eucerin lotion
$11.99 Eucerin lotion
$13.99 Eucerin lotion

= $36.97

-$7 Eucerin lotion coupon/$3.50 off Eucerin coupon
-$2 off Eucerin digital coupon
-$2 off $6 Eucerin lotion coupon
-$3 Beauty Bucks
-$1 Extra Bucks Rewards
-$21.97 Extra Bucks

= $0.00

Got Back $15 ECB
Earned $10 Ibotta rebates
Earned $6 Savingstar
Earned $3 Beauty Bucks

I basically rolled some of my Extra Bucks into cash because Cash is King.  I don’t want $40, $50, $100 in Extra Bucks because they are only good for 30 days, whereas, cash is good forever.  I also don’t particularly like having to roll Extra Bucks or Bonus Cash. Honestly, I’d rather not have any Extra Bucks and jump back in the game when there is a Physicians Formula Rose Hand Sanitizer Glitch or a L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara or Primer Glitch.  Again, when you see the running lady in the title, you need to grab your keys and jump in your car for those types of great deals.

I still remember My Trip to CVS for a $42.55 Money Maker back in 2013. I’m pretty sure it was Thanksgiving weekend and I always would take off from work the whole week of Thanksgiving and I found out about the deal late in the evening but I grabbed my keys and I was gone! 🤣 PayPal nor CVS never thought that we’d get the PayPal gift card get the $50 ECB and then drain the money from gift card and then spend the $50 ECB like ASAP.🤣 Back in those days so many glitches, so little time BUT CVS and PayPal are now a billion businesses.

It’s only been in the last two or three weeks that I’ve done lot of CVS shopping… just here and there but they’ve enticed me back into the game with their fantastic store coupons. This is why most of us have more than one CVS account and Savingstar account.



Since the weather is going to be in the low 70’s in the mornings through Sunday, I took advantage of the cooler weather, and went to the park for my morning walk.  I hadn’t walked in over a week because we had nearly triple digit weather and I cannot walk when it’s 85 degrees at 7 a.m. plus we had poor air quality due to the fires.

On my way to the park, I stopped at Vons because it’s practically across the street from me and grab the Buddig Premium Deli lunchmeat, I paid $4 and submit my receipt for $2 Ibotta.

I then went to Whole Food and to my surprise, they had all three sizes of the FREE ZenWTR!!!  I also got the The Soulfull Project Hot Cereal and used the BOGO The Soulfull Project coupon. I don’t know if the coupon scanned or not because cashier just took the $4.29 off of my receipt.  The purchase of the water and the Soulfull oatmeal qualified me for the $10 Amazon Credit for Amazon Prime Day Oct. 13-14!!!  It’s like a $10 Money Maker! 🙂

I finally got my walk in and after I’d finished, I stopped by Albertsons for another FREE ZenWTR.  I now have four free bottled waters.

I then stopped by Rite Aid to see if they had any of the Money Maker Crest Pro-Health Whitening Gel Toothpaste 6.3 oz and they only had two on the shelf which is all I needed and they both rang up for $1.57 and I got back two $3 Bonus Cash. The deal worked exactly as stated.

Finally, my last stop was CVS and I grabbed the Babo Toilet Paper for $6.99 and I got back the $6 Extra Bucks!


My Trip to CVS (10/5)

So, yesterday, my blog was down most of the day, as well as, the host provider’s website so I couldn’t even submit a trouble ticket. Anyways, I decided to go to CVS.

Everything you see in the picture was FREE + $4.95 Money Maker.  I used a $6 ECB and a $10 Carepass and I paid $3.05 excluding tax. I got back $16 in Extra Bucks including a $3 Beauty Bucks and $5 from Ibotta and I earned another $3 Beauty Buck. This would have been a nice Money Maker but Mr. Man asked for the cereal and a salty snack which I got him the Chez-Its!

The $13.99 L’Oreal mascara was FREE with the FREE L’Oreal mascara CVS coupon that I got last week from buying the six L’Oreal mascaras and I got back a $4 ECB.

The Oral-B 3D White Vivid toothbrushes are on sale for $2.99 buy 3 get $5 ECB. I forgot to bring my $1 Oral-B coupon from the P&G (our P&G only comes by mail) but I did have a digital coupon that came off on my receipt.  I got back a $5 ECB and I submit my receipt for (3) $1 Ibotta rebate.

I meant to buy the Clairol hair color but picked up the Clairol root touch up ($8.49) and the $7.99 Clairol digital coupon and the $5 Clairol digital coupon came off on my receipt and I got back a $4 Extra Bucks.  Use the $5/2 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, Root Touch-up Permanent or Natural Instincts hair color, excl Crema Keratina, SS 10/11 or B1G1 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, Root Touch-Up Permanent, or Natural Instincts hair color, up to $7.99, excl Crema Keratina items, SS 09/27 (exp 10/10) to get the Clairol for totally FREE + Money Maker (thanks, Stacie!).

The Suave was 2/$6 and a $1 Suave digital and (2) $2 Suave digital coupons came off on my receipt making both just $1 and I submitted my receipt for (2) $1 Ibotta rebates.

I paid the out of pocket with the PayPal debit card, the money got from Ibotta, CO51, Savingstar, etc.  and I had an out of pocket because I got the cereal and Chez-Its.