My Trip to Vons and CVS

I went to Vons to pick up some bread and the Talenti ice cream that’s on sale for $2.88. I got two ice creams and the $3.75/s Talenti digital coupon came off, as well as, as the two $1 frozen zip advantage and I ended up paying one penny for both ice creams.

I then stopped by two different CVS stores to get my FREE Kleenex Bath Tissue 1 ct that was on each account. I paid absolutely nothing for the toilet paper not even tax!

You have to go to store to the Kleenex bath tissue because they had no tags up at either store for the SKU but I saw them in store when I was getting the Babo Bath Tissue 8 ct for $0.99.


Look What I found at CVS!!!

I grabbed the Glade Air Fresheners and low and behold, I found the Lysol wipes ($4.99) and the Microban sanitizer spray ($5.49) on the shelf below the Glade! I rolled the $18 Extra Bucks into this transaction to lower my out of pocket.



My Trip to CVS (9/29)

In a previous My Trip to CVS I had said that I gotten the $9.49 which left me like $0.98 short of receiving my $10 Extra Bucks and I needed to figure out a way to get that $10 ECB.

I then remembered that I had a $2 off Sheamoisture digital coupon, $2 off Sheamoisture CVS coupon and a $5 off $10 Sheamoisture hair care. I grabbed the Babo Bath Tissue 8 ct and the $11.99 Sheamoisture, plus, I had the $8 ECB from the Money Maker Physicians Formula Rose Hand Sanitizer 0.87 oz. I got back $16 in Extra Bucks ($10 Love Beauty Planet/Sheamoisture and $6 for the Babo).

While, I was looking at both of my accounts trying to figure out how to get that $10 ECB, I noticed on my second account that I still had the $6.99 Love Beauty Planet digital coupon and I deleted my previous post that CVS had deleted it from our accounts. I not sure what happened to the reader’s $6.99 digital coupon but I still had my coupon in my account.

I went to a different store with higher prices and the $9.99 Love Beauty & Planet, I used the BOGO coupon and the $6.99 came off but for some reason the cashier enter $8.99 for the instead of $9.49 so I lost $0.50. I also bought the Reese’s peanut butter cups and I got back $11 in ECBs – $10 LB&P and $1 for the Reese’s.  The second store didn’t have the Babo toilet paper.

I paid about $10 for both transactions and got back $27 in Extra Bucks.


My Trip to CVS…Again!

A reader, Jessica, had read my earlier My Trip to CVS post and she commented that the CVS ad had excluded the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara or primer from the L’Oreal Buy 2 get $6 ECB limit 3.  However, yesterday, I watched a CVS Haul video on YouTube and the girl had bought the mascaras and got back the Extra Bucks and I bought the mascaras on Sunday not knowing about the exclusion.

This evening, I quickly grabbed my keys and went back to CVS to try to deal again on my other card and that card had a $6 off $30 coupon plus I had ECBs. I bought six mascaras and got back a $18 ECB.  I didn’t have any cosmetics CVS coupons but check your CVS account and clip any cosmetics or mascara digital coupons that you think might apply and head to CVS.

My purchase will qualify me for a $3 Beauty Bucks and the FREE Mascara CVS coupon when you buy 5 mascaras!!!  The mascara will make a great Christmas gift for any girl that wears mascara!

Thanks, Jessica!


My Trip to CVS

My late breakfast/early lunch is getting cold because I putting out all these post! 🤣

I had to go to two CVS stores to find the Money Maker Physicians Formula Rose Hand Sanitizer 0.87 oz. My nearest CVS was supposed to have it but it’s a busy store even with Self Checkout and I couldn’t find the sanitizer so I drove to the other store and they had a special display for the sanitizer so they were easy to spot.  This was between 9:30 a.m and 10 a.m. today and the $5 off any Physicians Formula or Almay cosmetics coupon that is printing for everyone, this week, scanned perfectly but was reduced to $4.58 which is the cost to by 2 sanitizers.

I bought the Love Beauty & Planet and the L’Oreal mascara yesterday. Amazingly, all of my CVS coupons came off ($6 off $30, $6.99 digital coupon, hair and cosmetics coupons) BUT I screwed up the Love Beauty & Planet because for some odd reason in expensive San Diego, CVS sells the LB&P for $9.49 and I didn’t catch it until I realized I didn’t get the $10 ECB so now I’ve got to figure out a way to inexpensively get LB&P or SheaMoisture hair products on the cheap so I can get the $10 ECB. 🙁

The L’Oreal mascara is an awesome deal $5.99 buy 2 get $6 ECB, limit 3, especially since I am only doing eye makeup since I’m wearing a mask while I am out and about.


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