My Quick Trip to CVS

Since I only needed $12 and change to complete the $15/$50 P&G Savingstar rebate, I decided to follow Tammy’s Trip to CVS scenario.

However, I wasn’t as lucky as Tammy in that only (1) $2 Crest digital came off on my receipt and I actually had a (2) $3/$12 Oral Care CVS coupons but only (1) came off on my receipt.  Plus, I forgot to bring my Extra Bucks with me so I paid out of pocket.  But my out of pocket was from my PayPal card so I basically rolled money from Ibotta and Savingstar to pay for the deal.

My Walgreens trip was  a $5 Money Maker – $19.95 + tax out of pocket and I got back 13,000 ($13) points and a $10 RR and I’m waiting for my $5 RR from the catalina folks .

My CVS trip is basically FREE (before tax) after the $7 ECB and I get back $15 from Savingstar.

The Walgreens trip + the CVS trip is a $20 Money Maker before tax.


Tammy’s Trip to CVS 🏃🏽‍♀️

A reader, Tammy, left a comment about her awesome trip to CVS.  Below is what Tammy has to say:

I did this today at CVS. Check your CVS account- lots of crest DQ’s. Load them all because some came off that were very unexpected!
1 Crest pro health Sens & En Sheild 4.6 ox. 4.39
1 Crest pro health Clnc 6.3oz. $5.29
1 Crest Ex Wht Pwr 6.3oz. $5.29

-3.00/2 Oral B DQ
-2.00 Crest DQ
– 2.00 crest DQ
– $4/$14 Crest Scope (printed last week)
– $0.50 Crest DQ

Subtotal $3.47+tax get $7EB

Also, keep in mind that this transaction counts towards the ✅$15/$50 Pantene, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, Aussie, Ivory, Safeguard, Olay, Secret, Always Discreet, Old Spice, Crest, Oral-B, Pampers, Gillette, Venus, Tampax, and Always(excludes trial/travel size) Savingstar rebate (exp 12/31).

I recommend that you use the CVS app to clip your digital coupons quickly. You can do a quick search for “Crest” and “Oral-B” and clip the coupons.

Thanks, Tammy!


My Trip to CVS

This should have been a non-problematic transaction and it was for the most part but the Clairol hair color rang up at the regular price of $8.49 but the sales says that the Clairol is on sale for 2/$15 OR $7.99 each so after the $2 coupon and$2.50 Ibotta rebate and I’ll get back a $3 Beauty Buck because I was only a couple bucks aways so I end up paying like $0.99 which is a little rich for my blood.

The Garnier Fructis is on sale 2/$7 get $2 ECB.  I used the $3/2 Garnier RMN 9/8 and the $1 Garnier Fructis digital coupon came off on my receipt and I’ll earned $1 Savingstar rebate so FREE shampoo and conditioner.

Earlier, this morning, I wrote about the Starbucks Plus K-Cups deal for $1.34 and I had already accumulated previous points so I was able to request a $5 egift card from ShopKicks!

Make sure that you are signed up for the CVS Beauty Club because the hair care purchased counted towards the beauty club.



My Quick Trip to CVS

After I posted about the Allegra deal and then I did the deal, I now wished that I had did the deal on both cards but now that I’m retired, I am more apprehensive about doing deals that require a high out of pocket.  If this deal was available today, I would have done the deal again but since it was only good for yesterday, I opted to do the deal just once.

This really my bust because it’s something that I actually use every single day.  I am running around acting like I have no money and I made a bad decision in not buying on both of my cards.

I have already received the $10 PayPal for the Rise to the Challenge rebate.

I’ve also received credit for the Checkout 51 rebates!

Finally, I also received $1.14 for using Ibotta Pay.


My Trip to CVS

I should always stick to my planned shopping trip unless they are out of stock and in this case nothing was out stock, I just swapped out a mascara for a eyeliner which caused the $2 Covergirl mascara not to come off on my receipt. I assume that I activated the $1 Covergirl mascara first and that’s why it came off on my receipt. Also, for some odd reason, my $3 Covergirl digital coupon was reduced to $1.50 but I really can’t complain as I had three Covergirl/cosmetics digital coupons that came off on my receipt and I gave them a $3 Covergirl coupon that printed from the Coupon Center.

(1) Calendula cream $8.99
(1) Covergirl mascara $6.59
(1) Covergirl eyeliner $7.59

= $23.17

-$1 Covergirl DQ
-$3/$12 Cosmetics DQ
-$3 Covergirl CRT
-$1.50 Covergirl DQ
-$8 ECB

= $6.67

Got back $13 ECBs – $6 Calendula and $7 Covergirl
Got back $2 Ibotta