My Quick Trip to Ralphs (7/3)

1Everything that you see in the picture above was FREE with the drinks being part of the last three Friday Freebies and using the $3 off $35 Purchase coupon and the digital coupons, I kinda triple stacked!

The Groton’s seafood is part of the Ralphs Mega Event, Buy 5 get $5 off Instantly and most of the Groton seafood was $2.99 and $3.99 each after the promo, buy 6 and use the $5 off $15 FRESH or FROZEN Seafood coupon and the Groton’s purchase stacks and counts towards the $3 off $35 Purchase coupon!

The Gillette Satin Care shave gel is $1.49 and the $2 off Gillette Satin Care digital coupon that came off on my receipt which the overage applied towards my transaction!  Or you can use the $2 off Gillette or Venus or Satin Care shave gel PG 07/03 (exp 7/30).

The Tide Pods are $5.49 and the $3 Tide Pods digital coupon came off on my receipt making it $2.49.

The Minute Maid juice in a carton is $.99.

Just remember that you have buy in quantities of 5, 10, 15, etc. to get the Mega Event pricing!


1If you have shopped for butter lately then you know it has been quite expensive to buy real butter.  There is a new $.50 Real California Butter Ibotta rebate offer (must sign up) to help you save on the high cost of butter.

Most dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, etc.) sold in California, as well as, other states, carry the Real California Dairy logo on the product.

You can save even more money by using the $.35 off  Real California Dairy Product coupon on the butter!!!



$1.50 off 2 Jars of Bertolli Pasta Sauce coupon


Fresh & Easy Bites the Dust

1Another grocery store in Southern California bites the dust.

According the Los Angeles Times, Fresh & Easy will start an organized wind down of it’s 97 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada being closed over the next few weeks.

I have a Fresh & Easy of about five minutes walking from my home but there was something about the store that I did not like so I have not been to the store in years.

Bye-bye Fresh & Easy.


Ralphs: $5 off $15 Fresh Produce Coupon


$5 off $15 Fresh Produce Coupon

$6 off $60 Purchase Ralphs Coupon


Another Big Grocery Stores Merger

1As of late, there has been allot of grocery stores mergers, last week, it was announced that Stop & Shop, Martin’s, Hannaford and Food Lion would be merging, these are mainly East Coast grocery stores.

According to Coupons in the News, there will be only a 5% lap over in stores which means not too many stores will be closed.

There is definitely an unrest in the grocery industry trying to compete with Walmart and the drugstores.


Photo: Coupons in the News




My Trip to Ralphs (6/20)

1I wanted to write about my trip to Ralphs (Kroger) because there is a $3/$30 coupon and a $5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon plus there are the Friday Freebies coupons.  The freebies count towards the $3/$30 Ralphs coupon.

Plus, you earn 2x the Fuel Points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

If you are planning a cookout for the 4th of July, buy your meat at Ralphs and use the $5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon!

Bought T-Bone Steaks $16.81
Bought Kraft BBQ Sauce $1.50
Bought Snapple Straight Up Tea $1.25
Bought Hershey Xtra Large Candy Bar $1.50
Bought Ice Breakers Coolmints $1.25
Bought Gevalia Ice Coffee w/Almond $1.99
Bought 2 Pizzas $9.98

Total = $34.28

-$5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon
-$3/$30 Ralphs coupon
-$1.50 Kraft BBQ Sauce
-$1.25 Snapple
-$1.50 Hershey
-$1.25 Ice Breakers
-1 Gevalia eCpn
-$0.25 Gevalia

Total after coupons used = $19.53

I believe I bought the wrong Ice Breakers but the digital coupon did come off on my receipt!  I found the Hershey Xtra candy bars in the candy/chip aisle.  The candy bar in the upper left corner says “Xtra”.  I got a phone call while I was checking out and forgot to remind the cashier to scan the $1 coupon on the meat. 🙁