This is a reminder that My Coke Rewards that today, Wednesday, March 22nd, will be the last day that you can enter points on My Coke Rewards because they will be ending their program on June 30th.

It is a bittersweet day because I have been with MCR for a long time, however, is supposed to be a new Coke loyalty program that will be coming, I believe, this summer and we will have to wait and see how the new program will work.


This is a reminder that My Coke Rewards will be ending their program on June 30th. You will have until March 22th to enter your points and the last day to spend your points is June 30th.


My Coke Rewards Program Ending June 30th

I have been a member of My Coke Rewards since 2009 but if you go to the My Coke Rewards page, they have announced that they will be ending the My Coke Rewards program on June 30th and you will have until March 31st to enter your codes.  Starting on July 1st, they will roll out a new rewards program. 🙁


My Mail Box Goody!!!

On a dreary and rainy Thursday, I received in my mail box a FREE Coke 12 pack coupon from My Coke Rewards!!!  The coupons are no longer on stock paper but on a high gloss paper.  The up to price is still $4.99 and the expiration date is 3/31/17.

This was a very pleasant surprise because MCR usually don’t sending out the coupons until some time in January.

Be on the look for your coupon!

I almost forgot to say that I also received my $8.99 Visa gift card from the Zantac deal that made the Zantac a $11.99 Money Maker for me!



It is being reported that there is a new offer, My Coke Rewards offer for a FREE Coke Product 12 pack coupon for 30 points (limit 2)!!!

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